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What differences are there between Biennial Membership and General Membership?

As the name suggests, Biennial membership at Garza Blanca Residence Club allows you to book accommodation every alternate year. It is sometimes given the name Odd-Even membership because, essentially, club members use their points for reservations during either odd numbered calendar years or even numbered calendar years. On the contrary, standard Garza Blanca Residence Club membership is a full yearly allocation of Club points that you can use every year.

Besides using your membership every other year, there are certain restrictions that apply to Biennial Membership, in particular, when renting, banking or borrowing Club Points. While Biennial Members can only bank towards or borrow points from their next Use Period, a full member can bank or borrow Club points for up to five years. Furthermore, Biennial members wishing to rent Club Points, will only be able to rent up to 50% of Club Points currently owned towards season upgrades but not suite size upgrades. Full members enjoy the privilege of being able to rent up to 50% of the total number of points required to make your desired reservation, including suite upgrades.

To summarize, you enjoy similar benefits as a Biennial Member except that you enjoy your Garza Blanca Residence Club accommodations every other year. For more detailed guidance on the differences, see your current Rules and Regulations booklet. If you wish to upgrade from Biennial Membership to Full Membership, consult your concierge upon arrival on your next visit to Garza Blanca Residence Club or call 1-877-722-4592.