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Getting More Points: The Ins and Outs

Getting More Points: The Ins and Outs

Our points based membership is designed to give our members as much flexibility as they need. There are many ways that you can use your membership and the more club points you own, the greater flexibility you will have to stay in the types of suites you love best and for as long as you wish.   

The great thing is that your membership is ready to be tailored to your specific vacation needs and preferences. If you are celebrating a special occasion and you want to bring additional family members with you, or if you decide to have two vacations in a year, you probably already know that you can upgrade or purchase more points. However, what you might not know is that there are even more options available to you such asborrowing, using club time or preferred Time, banking, and acceleration. Below we explain a little bit more about them. 


When upgrading your membership is not an option, you may choose to immediately borrow points from future years to cover your reservation. 

Club Time – (Rental Time)  

Based on availability at the resort, club members have special members’ nightly rental rates called “Club Time”-which are always the lowest possible nightly rates at our resorts.

Preferred Time 

Preferred Time is additional rental vacation time available through the club that Villa Preferred Access members can use in the summer season from May to October (weeks 18-43) for discounted rates.   


If you know that next year you will need more points to cover a larger unit size or longer stay, you can always bank your points from one year to the next. Remember you must do so before October 31st of each year.  

Acceleration (Senior Points Memberships) 

Acceleration is when you use points from the back end of your membership and reduce the overall length of your membership by “accelerating” or increasing use. This benefit is only available to Senior VPA members with an annual membership.  

With all of these flexible use options, there is no reason to ever miss out on a vacation in paradise! Call Member Services today at 1 877 722 4592 for assistance with banking, borrowing, Club and Preferred Time and more! 

We look forward to providing you with your next extraordinary vacation experience.