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What’s New at Bocados STK?

BocaDos STK is pleased to introduce our new dry-aged steaks! BocaDos STK first opened as a classic steakhouse with a contemporary twist at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta. Our guests loved it so much that we opened a second Bocados STK at Garza Blanca Los Cabos with the same flavorful menu offering a variety of vegetarian and vegan options too, to satisfy everyone’s tastes. 

Our chefs are pleased to present the addition of special dry-aged beef cooked and prepared just the way you like. With our new special dry-aging fridge, guests will be able to enjoy the most succulent steaks, dry-aged for a minimum of 35 days. The dry-aging process is used to create tender, juicier beef with a much more intense flavor. The meat gradually matures through a process of controlling the temperatures. We use this process on all our US choice meats. This helps to create a more pronounced flavor and texture.  

Guests have the choice of 5 different types of steaks including: Rib Eye, Porter House, Cowboy, New York, and Bone-in Rib Eye. For couples, we recommend sharing the 30oz Porter House steak. That way you can share a couple of our extremely tasty appetizers and still have room for our decadent desserts! 

For all-inclusive guests, the New York and Rib Eye dry-aged steaks are included in your all-inclusive package.  The Bone-in Rib Eye, Cowboy & Porterhouse dry-aged steaks are not included in your package, however, you will receive a special 20% discount.      

What’s more? Guests now have the option to choose their steak knife! We just received our new boxes of steak knives with distinct handle designs made especially for men and women. Women can choose from 4 steak knife options each the same size, 23 cm/9.25″, but with different designs. Men have 4 options ranging in size from 23 cm/9.25″ to 26 cm/10.25″. If guests have any doubts about which knife to choose, the waiters will recommend a knife depending on the steak you have ordered. But really it just comes down to a matter of personal preference.  

For vegetarians, while you won’t have the option to select the type of knife you use, you can select from an enticing range of fresh salads, heartwarming French onion soup, flavorful grilled vegetables, fluffy risotto and more! For vegetarians who eat fish, we offer the freshest catch of the day based on our geographic locations. Our special color-coded classifications make all the vegetarian menu options easy to identify. 

For dessert, you cannot miss the impressive and delectable Orange Tree, which is perfect for sharing.  

We would also like to share with members that on July 4th, to celebrate Independence Day, Bocados STK held a special BBQ Dinner together with our regular menu.  

During the day, Chef Patron Álvaro Blancas from Bocados Restaurant was grilling everything in front of guests in order to entice guests to make dinner reservations. From 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm, the chef pre-cooked suckling pig, ribs and brisket. 

In the afternoon, a special amenity was delivered to the pool area, smoked beef brisket sliders adorned with American flags and a special non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri with blue vegetable coloring, courtesy of Experience Management.  

For dessert, there was a special Independence Day themed orange roll with blue chocolate fondant and white stars. The event included live instrumental music.  

On your next visit to Garza Blanca, treat yourself to a sensational dinner at Bocados STK that your taste buds will never forget!