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What to Expect During Update Meetings

Garza Blanca Residence Club members are cordially invited to attend informative update meetings each and every time you arrive to your home away from home. In order to ensure our members are made to feel comfortable, a brand new venue was opened at the end of last year specifically for members to enjoy their update meetings.

New Venue for Members Update Meetings

At the end of December last year, Garza Blanca Residence Club opened the doors of its brand new venue for hosting member update meetings. The view from this meeting room is sure to take your breath away as you enjoy an incredible vista that encompasses almost the whole of Banderas Bay. Even if you attend your Update Meeting simple to enjoy the view, it would be a decision worth making.


Understanding your needs

We want to make sure that your update meetings are tailored specifically for you and your companions, providing you with information and opportunities that are of interest to you. Update meetings usually take around a hour or so, though you are welcome to keep asking questions for as long as you like.


Why attend your update meeting

The meeting is the perfect opportunity for you to find out about any advancements for your membership since you first purchased. You can also seek advice about how best to use your memberships. Agents will be happy to assist you with the best ways to use your points.


You will also be privy to the latest information regarding the opening of our newest Garza Blanca Resorts. Find our more about how to use your points to reserve at Garza Blanca Los Cabos. which will be receiving reservations starting from October 1st. At the same time, we will be able to share with you the progress of Garza Blanca Playa Mujeres in Cancun and news about the future development of Garza Blanca Riviera Maya. You may also be excited to hear more details regarding the development of the neighboring plot of land that will add 400 acres of lush tropical jungle scenery and more beautiful beachfront to the Garza Blanca Preserve.


Additional incentives

Join us for your update and we will be delighted to treat you to a delicious continental breakfast, plus you will receive an extra 5% discount when using your VIP Discount Card, which extends your discount benefits from 10% to our maximum discount of 15%* during your stay.


So, why not share a few moments of your time in paradise… we promise you a view worth a selfie and useful information about your membership that you will be glad to know.


* Elite members receive a 15% discount as standard.