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What is the Garza Blanca Points Redemption Program?

Your Garza Blanca Residence Club membership delivers much more than luxurious accommodations in the most beautiful beach destinations in Mexico. Your club points can also be used towards paying for privileges and services via the Points Redemption Program, giving your more choice, more luxuries and greater flexibility.

Each year, up to 50% of your annual points allocation and 50% of banked points may be used to pre-pay for products and services that you arrange when you make your reservation at Garza Blanca Preserve and Villa del Palmar Cancun. Our agents will guide you when you make your reservation indicating which services you can pay for with your club points and exactly how many points you can use towards these luxurious extras.


Steps to Take

Step 1: Make your reservation

Step 2: Select your choice of additional services and amenities

Step 3: Pay as little as 50% cash, and use your club points to pay for those special extras.

In order to use your Club Caribe points to pay for services, you need make your requests at the time of reservation, which Member Services can help you with.  You may also call after you have a reservation and the Pre-Arrival Department can help you use your points to pre-purchase different services.  However, once you are at the resort on vacation, you will not be able to use your points to pay; you must pre-pay with points.  When you make your reservation, you will receive guidance from our agents regarding exactly how many of your points you have available to use towards purchases.

What can you pay for with points?

You can exchange your club points for a variety of services, with the most popular being gourmet all inclusive meal plans for both Garza Blanca Preserve and Villa del Palmar Cancun. Other luxurious additions include spa treatments, private chef services and flower arrangements in your suite, as well as other treats.

Points Redemption Program