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What is Fractional Ownership?

Although fractional ownership may sound confusing, the concept is actually quite straightforward.  Comparable to the way many friends or relatives may share ownership of a second home, at Garza Blanca Signature Residences we bring together unrelated parties to co-own a shared residence.  In a nutshell, you share ownership of a residence with partner owners in the same unit.
These residences are yours for life and, with our program, are split into 4 week fractions, 1/12 per year; you become a deeded owner of 1/12 of specific real estate.

Benefits of Fractional Real Estate

For just a fraction of the price of a whole luxury property, you can still enjoy the same gorgeous residence, privileges, amenities and fabulous lifestyle at Garza Blanca as though you owned your residence outright.  Fractional ownership is an ideal real estate investment for seasonal residents such as snowbirds and repeat vacationers who are just not ready to make a fulltime commitment to Puerto Vallarta.

You may purchase whatever amount of time is right for you with this flexible system, so you can enjoy your spectacular home for as long as you like. One month? Two months? The choice is yours! You also have the option to upgrade to full ownership if and when your circumstances change, transferring the equity from your fraction.

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How the schedule works

When owners purchase a fraction of a Garza Blanca Signature Residence, they are given a schedule of usage which stretches far into the future.  You will be aware of your allocated dates long ahead of time so you can plan your next visit, as usage assignments rotate automatically every year during your scheduled season.

Owners may continue with their allocated time slot, or trade dates with fellow owners, as you wish. However, what distinguishes the fractional product is that you will arrive to the same property (your property) every time. Fractional owners also have the option of exchanging with other resorts in our Fractional Trade Program.

Cost effective

Fractional ownership makes financial sense because your hassle-free investment is proportional to a reasonable amount of time you will use it.  Instead of owning your own vacation home outright, which may be unoccupied much of the year and therefore not cost-effective, fractional ownership allows you to pay for a realistic period of time in an upscale property that may otherwise be out of financial reach. It’s a win win investment!

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Fee Simple Real Estate

The rights and privileges of fractional ownership are just like owning conventional real estate.  In other words, you may invite friends to use it, share it with guests, rent it out, sell it at any time at a price you choose, will it to your heirs and, most importantly, enjoy it with those you hold near and dear.  

Great investment

Just as appreciation works with whole ownership, if the value of the property appreciates, your fractional shares go up as well.  If fractional owners decide it is time to sell, they will also release the capital growth from their investment.   


Rental income

If you are unable to use your fractional residence, Garza Blanca will, at your request, rent it for you.  That way, it will not sit empty and the revenue can be put to good use toward your taxes and maintenance fees.

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