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What is Fractional Ownership?


Fractional ownership is the shared ownership of a residence, with partner owners of the same unit.


Fractional ownership is titled ownership, meaning that anyone who buys a fractional (just like with full ownership) has a title to the asset / property. This also means that as the price of property in the area increases over time, so does the value of the investment or fraction.


Each fractional unit within Garza Blanca has a total of 13 owners. Each owner buys a 4-week fraction, (12 of them) with the 13th owner getting only 2 weeks. The 2 week fraction is always for weeks 51 and 52, which is the Holiday fraction. The rest of the owners buy a fraction with a season: winter, summer and spring / autumn. The fraction rotates every year within the season. Attached below is a 10 year schedule for your information, so you can see how the fractions rotate each year.


If you are thinking about purchasing a Fractional Ownership at Garza Blanca, now is a great time to do it! Our real estate sales team can answer all of your questions and give you the best advice.