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Whale Watching Season in Puerto Vallarta

While its splendid beaches, mouthwatering food choices and a wide variety of outdoor activities draw a multitude of tourists to the gorgeous seaside destination of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico all year long, one of the most unique and thrilling adventures you can experience is whale watching.  Just around the corner, the season officially runs from December through March during which time Banderas Bay welcomes the annual migration of humpback whales who return to the area for the winter.  When you climb aboard a whale watching tour, you will be able to view these awe-inspiring creatures from a close range, creating vacation memories that will last a lifetime.  

Location, Location, Location!

The ideal geographic location of Banderas Bay, which is protected from the open ocean waters, makes the area a haven for humpback whales to breed and give birth to a new generation.  Fortunately for humans, it also happens to be a fantastic destination for whale watching because the observation areas are so close to the rest of the action in the bay.  The amazing weather that the region is famous for makes a day on the water the ultimate whale watching adventure.

What’s Unique About Humpbacks?

Amongst all of the baleen whales, humpbacks are the most active of the group, making them an absolute thrill to watch.  They are quite acrobatic and enjoy jumping, twirling, breaching and socializing, which you will get to witness (and photograph) from just a short distance away.  The sight of these splendid creatures soaring through the air right in front of you will take your breath away in the best way possible!  Humpbacks also have the widest range of vocal talents of all baleen whales, and their songs can be heard underwater by divers and snorkelers as well as boats equipped with a hydrophone and the proper speakers.  


Follow the Wild Ones

No two days are alike when searching for these magnificent giants, which makes your adventure all the more exciting!  Every tour is dictated by the whims of these impressive mammals as they travel around and surface all over Banderas Bay.  You will be guided by whale watching experts who can help you understand and further appreciate the multitude of wildlife that you’re sure to encounter during your tour.  

Other Species

While there are never any guarantees when it comes to nature, there is a very good chance you will encounter much more on your excursion than just humpback whales.  The area is home to a variety of splendid sea creatures including dolphins, giant mantas, sea turtles and occasionally sees other whales such as Bryde’s whales, false killer whales and orcas stop in for a visit.  In addition, bird lovers will enjoy sightings of local feathered friends such as pelicans, brown and rare blue-footed boobies, terns and red-billed tropicbirds.

Experience the unforgettable fun and excitement of whale watching the next time you visit Puerto Vallarta!