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Whale Watching Season Continues in Puerto Vallarta

Home to breathtaking beaches, outdoor activities of every sort and spectacular dining, Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular vacation getaways in Mexico for good reason.  One of the biggest draws during the winter months, however, is the chance to go whale watching.  The official season began in December and will continue through March all around Banderas Bay, where the yearly migration of humpback whales brings an excitement to the area as these giant mammals enjoy the warmer waters around Puerto Vallarta for winter.

Experience the thrill of a lifetime as you encounter these magnificent animals in all of their natural splendor during a whale watching tour. Lucky members may also catch a glimpse of whales breaching on the horizon from their private balconies or while dining in one of the resort’s restaurants as it is not common to see whales from the shoreline during the season.


The Perfect Location

Situated on Banderas Bay and shielded from the open Pacific Ocean waters, Puerto Vallarta is an ideal place for humpback whales to mate, give birth to their offspring and prepare the next generation for their journey back north.

Because of the large numbers of whales in a relatively small area, this makes for wonderful whale watching, not to mention the fabulous weather that this part of Mexico enjoys during the winter months.  Whale watching is a pastime you will never grow tired of, time and again.

Why Humpbacks are Special

When compared with all of the other baleen whale species, humpbacks exhibit physical displays of activity more than the rest, which is why viewing them is so spellbinding.  They seem to take pleasure in putting on a show with moves that include breaching, twirling and spyhopping (when they pop their heads vertically above the surface). There are few moments as captivating as watching these majestic giants deliver an acrobatic display right before your eyes.  Amongst all types of baleen whales, humpbacks have the largest vocal range, which they put to good use with their “songs”.  Divers and snorkelers can often hear humpbacks singing, and boats that have a hydrophone and the right type of speakers will allow you to hear their songs from above the water’s surface, too.  

Let Them Guide You

Every day is unique in Puerto Vallarta when you spend them looking for whales, and this makes the challenge even more of a thrill.  These glorious mammals are in charge of every tour in their pursuit, prompting whale watching boats to travel wherever they are spotted, so there is never a dull moment!

Whale watching tours are generally conducted by experts who will gladly educate you not only about humpback whales but a variety of other animals that may cross your path sometime during your outing. Why not use your members’ discount card that you can get from your concierge upon arrival to use at the onsite tour agency to book an organized excursion?

During your upcoming trip to Puerto Vallarta, make sure to set aside at least one day for whale watching so you can experience incredible vacation memories you will cherish for years to come!