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Use Point Redemption to Book Your Meal Plan in Los Cabos

Use your club points to pay for up to 60% of services at the resort and your meal plan when you stay with us at Garza Blanca Los Cabos! In addition to booking accommodations, another great way to use your points is for meals and hotel extras that you would normally pay cash for.

Enjoy more choices, and add more luxury and flexibility to your stay! When you make your reservation, ask our agents what services you can use your points to pay for. For example you can use them for things like all inclusive meal plans, flower arrangements, private chef services, and more. Choose the product or services you wish to reserve! (Prices vary per product, service and by resort.) You can pay up to 60% of the cost with your points, and the remaining 40% in cash.

Do you have unused points? They can also be used to pay for your meal plan and/or services up to 60%. Just pay the remaining 40% in cash. You can also use banked or borrowed points to pay for meal plans and services through the Points Redemption Program.


Call and make your reservation at Garza Blanca Los Cabos today! Call 1-877-722-4592. We look forward to serving you.