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Tips for Buying Real Estate in Mexico

Owning real estate in Mexico provides an amazing investment opportunity. The value of your property can rise quickly over time and even provide a monthly income if you decide to rent out your second home. In order to make a successful purchase, there are some things that you should keep in mind when buying real estate in Mexico, especially if you are hoping to rent out your property.


Here are some tips from Signature Residences’ Experts about buying real estate in Mexico:

The Neighborhood Matters

If you are looking to purchase real estate in Mexico for rental purposes, then you should think about the kind of people you will be renting to: age, income, tastes etc. You should match the type of neighborhood with the clients you hope to attract. For example, if you purchase property in Puerto Vallarta Old Town, you will attract the kind of people who like to be in the middle of the action who want to be able to walk everywhere for convenience.

Another example would be a property like those offered at Garza Blanca Signature Residences, which is more likely to attract renters who appreciate luxury and exclusivity, who don’t mind paying more for the property and who are perhaps more likely to look after your home.



When purchasing real estate in Mexico, you should consider the amenities that are available for your renters. How will they spend their day? Is there a pool? Beach? Restaurants? A spa? How far away are the nearest stores? Even when renters seek exclusivity and seclusion, being able to access the nearest town easily by car, taxi or public transport is often cited as an important consideration by those looking for a vacation rental.

Quick Wi-Fi, satellite television, and other forms of communication are also important to renters, and will make the property that you purchase easier to rent out.


Local Developments

Another tip when choosing real estate in Mexico is to purchase a property that is located in an area where there is room for future development and modernization. As roads are improved, additional services are added to the neighborhood and so forth, you will find that your property will increase in value quickly and afford you greater returns on rentals.


Safety and Security

Always choose a property that is safe and secure. Gated properties are very popular for renters, because they provide twenty-four hour security, and the renters feel safe. This is particularly important in Mexico where perceived levels of safety can affect the potential to rent your property. Many renters like their property to have off road parking, so this should also be considered when buying real estate in Mexico.


Talk to Real Estate Professionals

One of the best tips for those people looking to purchase real estate in Mexico is to talk and listen to real estate professionals. Make sure your real estate agent has an established background so they can help you make a sound investment based on their experience and expertise. Finding a reputable property manager to is also a good idea to administer your property and your renters when you are not there.
For advice on purchasing property for rent at Garza Blanca Signature Residences in Mexico, contact us on (52) (322) 176.0728  or arrange a visit when you next use your club points to stay at Garza Blanca Resort.