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The Seasons Explained

Understanding your membership and planning ahead are the best ways to make the most of it. This article explains the different seasons to help you optimize your Tafer Residence Club points.  

The Seasons 

Your membership is organized into three distinct seasons: Holidays, Winter and Summer. In each season, the number of points needed to reserve accommodation varies. For example, during the Winter Season you will use more points than in the Summer Season to stay in a particular suite, and reservations made during the holiday season require the most points. To make a reservation during the Holiday Season using your Club Points, there are additional requirements that are outlined below. 

When are the Holiday Season weeks? 

The Holiday Season weeks refer to 6 weeks of the year:  

  • American President Week (week containing the third Monday in February) 
  • Two Weeks in Easter (which might be in March or April, depending on when Easter falls each year) 
  • Thanksgiving Week (in November) 
  • Christmas Week (the week that includes December 24/25) 
  • New Year’s Week (the week that includes December 31) 

Holiday Week Requirements 

Holiday Weeks are the weeks of the year that are in high demand, so there are a number of requirements that must be met to be able to book this time using your membership: 

  • You must book as soon as possible, up to 24 months ahead of time.  
  • You may only make reservations during this season for full weeks (Saturday to Saturday, or Sunday to Sunday), and the weeks cannot be broken into shorter stays. 
  • You may not use banked, borrowed or accelerated points during this time. 
  • To use these weeks, you need to be able to cover your whole stay using Club Points. You should check the points chart to see how many points you will need depending on the type of unit you wish to stay in. 
  • You may use Club Time ($1 USD per point) 60 days prior to your arrival if you do not have enough points to cover your stay. 

The best way to ensure you have enough Club Points to travel during the Holiday Weeks is to upgrade your membership, so you have a sufficient yearly allowance of points to vacation whenever you want, wherever you want.