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The Los Cabos International Film Festival: Debuts at Lands’ End

The Los Cabos International Film Festival

The 8th annual Los Cabos International Film Festival has become a true fixture of the event calendar in these thriving twin towns on the Baja California coast. Since its inaugural edition in 2012, the festival has attained an international profile, drawing in thousands of filmmakers and silver screen enthusiasts from across Mexico and around the world.

From November 13th through the 17th of the month, the Los Cabos International Film Festival will dominate the local cultural scene. Last year’s edition welcomed more than 15,000 attendees to enjoy 40 national and international films over 80 screenings, including 15 debuting Mexican films and 2 world premieres. Guests of honor included industry luminaries such as Adam Driver, Terry Gilliam, and Spike Lee, highlighting the global profile of this yearly event.

This year’s festival is expected to be even more of a spectacle, offering prizes to standout filmmakers in over 20 categories. Winning entries will earn their creators millions of pesos in cash prizes from event sponsors along with an international platform for their work, as the Los Cabos International Film Festival has a standing partnership with other world famous events including Cannes 2019, the definitive worldwide showcase of the elite in independent cinema.

The scheduled lineup for the Los Cabos Film Festival includes gala film screenings, filmmaking workshops, pitch sessions, and networking parties that give movie lovers the chance to rub elbows with some of the biggest names in the industry. For the ultimate experience, guests can take advantage of the 5-day Premium Pass, which offers access to a selection of events including the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the concert and 10 screenings.

Although the event itself is set to light up the night in Los Cabos, the days in this breathtaking Baja California paradise will be full of enchantment for visitors as well. The natural splendor of this locale is a stunning backdrop for this glamorous affair, with sparkling seas backed by picturesque desert vistas and majestic mountains, and these unique regional characteristics inform the goal of the program to curate the film selection according to location.

From gripping dramas and memorable love stories to incisive documentaries and experimental films, the Los Cabos International Film Festival delivers ample interest for any lover of movies. The scenic shores of Los Cabos are an ideal setting for this filmmaking extravaganza, bringing together cinematic superstars, notable filmmakers, and dedicated film buffs together in one of the most beautiful destinations in all of Mexico.

So make sure to check it out this November while you’re in Cabo, or better yet, if you are a film lover, plan your visit to the new Garza Blanca in Los Cabos around the dates of the festival!