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Taste the extraordinary history of Mexico on a secret food tour

Taste the extraordinary history of Mexico on a secret food tour

Food tours are growing increasingly popular around the world and put together by local experts, they help you to taste the very best that different regions have to offer. The Puerto Vallarta Secret Food Tour takes you on a flavorful journey through the history of Mexican cuisine. This is the perfect tour for foodies where you will learn about the significance of food within Mexican culture.  

During this 3-hour tour, your local expert guide will take you to seven stops to sample delicious dishes from different regions of Mexico while giving you insights about the history and culture as you leisurely stroll through Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful downtown streets.  

You will be introduced to sopes, a Mexican antojito, which literally translates to ‘little cravings’ and can be eaten at any time of day. Sopes are comprised of a thick corn tortilla, which is thicker than a conventional tortilla. The tortilla is fried in oil and pinched at the sides to make a kind of bowl to which different ingredients are added such as pork rinds, meat, beans or cheese. Sopes originated from the central and southern parts of Mexico and you can find different regional variations.  


Along the tour you will have the opportunity to sample ‘enchiladas de pollo con mole’ or chicken enchiladas with mole. The word mole comes from the Nahuatl mulli, meaning sauce. Mole poblano is a very important Mexican dish with pre-Hispanic origins and many contain up to 30 ingredients including chiles, chocolate, bananas, seeds and nuts. Its preparation is a long labor of love but once the spicy and sweet ingredients blend together, it results in an explosion of flavors which dance exquisitely on your tongue. There are many legends surrounding the invention of mole. One version suggests that it was created by a nun at a convent in Puebla for a visiting archbishop. Another tale claims that it was served by Emperor Moctezuma as a ceremonial dish to welcome Hernan Cortés when he arrived in Mexico. While the origins remain unclear, one thing that is undeniable is the delectable symphony of flavors of this celebrated national dish.  

During your tour you will also make a stop at Mexican candy store where you can try an assortment of delicious Mexican candies ranging from the super sweet dulce de leche, the semi-sweet guava gummies to the spicy tamarind fruit with chili. The only question left in your mind will be which scrumptious candies to bring home with you.  

A food tour in Mexico wouldn’t be complete without a stop for an artisanal tequila tasting where you will learn the difference between tequila reposado, Añejo (aged) and extra Añejo. 

And to conclude the food tour, you will enjoy a sweet local favorite, jericalla, which comes from the state of Jalisco. This dessert can best be described as the child of crème brulee and flan.  


Puerto Vallarta’s Secret Food Tour is an authentic and educational experience that will leave your taste buds tingling with excitement.