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New Hiking Routes, Hiroshi´s New Dinner Menu, and Romance Under the Stars

hiking experiences at garza blanca

Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta 

  • New Hiking Trails 

We are pleased to announce four new hiking trails in addition to the original routes in the beautiful tropical rainforest behind our resorts. These four additional new routes include: 1. The Lookout, 2. Lookout Arcos – Village, 3. Stream Circuit, and 4. Fire Waterfall.  

new hiking routes

The backyard of both Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta and Hotel Mousai is a breathtaking jungle, which members have the privilege of exploring. The lush green jungle is home to magnificent flora and fauna including many species of flowers, trees, birds, mammals, and reptiles. These new routes give our members even more options to discover the immense beauty of this tropical paradise. An experienced guide will lead you on the hikes and provide useful information about the flora and fauna you may encounter.    

hiking in mexico

The first route ¨The Lookout¨ is a short duration intermediate 0.4 mile hike lasting approximately 45 to 60 minutes, where you can find a small rest area with a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and of Garza Blanca Resort, on one side is a small stream and rocks that look like a wall.  

The second route “Lookout Arcos – Village” is an intermediate 0.7 mile hike lasting approximately 2 hours 15 minutes. The hike has several points of interest, including two waterfall-streams, and different lookout points in the direction of Los Arcos and downtown Puerto Vallarta.  

new hiking routes in puerto vallarta

¨Stream Circuit¨ is the third route and is a more advanced 0.8 mile hike lasting approximately 2.5 hours. The route follows the path of the main first hike, but continues to climb higher to an outstanding viewpoint where you can see sweeping views of Puerto Vallarta.  

The fourth route ¨Fire Waterfall¨ is a mixed circuit advanced hike lasting approximately 3 hours with a distance covered of just under a mile. Along this route, you will stop at several viewpoints and a waterfall. On the last part of the hike, you will walk through a beautiful shaded palm grove.  

The first two hikes are intermediate and the last two hikes are advanced. We recommend that hikers bring a small backpack to carry water and snacks, especially for the longer hikes. At times there are ropes that you need to use to help you climb up steep paths, and you will need to keep your hands free. It is also advisable to wear sports clothing, comfortable hiking shoes, and bring insect repellant. The first two routes have already started and the last two routes will start running once Tierraluna is open, around April 2021. The last two routes will offer an opportunity to swim, so you are also advised to also bring your bathing suit if you plan to do those hiking routes later in the year.  

hiking in puerto vallarta

During your hike, keep on the lookout for armadillos, white-nosed coatis that look similar to racoons, and green iguanas. You may also spot the Cacique Mexicano, a native bird of Mexico, with a jet-black body and striking yellow feathers and Chachalacas, long-tailed birds that somewhat resemble wild turkeys. 

Whether you are an avid hiker or you´re completely new to hiking, you will not want to miss out on an immersive experience in nature along our new hiking trails.  

Hotel Mousai 

  • New Dinner Menu at Hiroshi 

Hiroshi is the innovative Japanese restaurant at Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta and also at its sister resorts, Garza Blanca Los Cabos and Villa del Palmar Cancun. Hiroshi has an exciting new dinner menu. The new menu still features an extensive selection of seafood dishes, but in addition to that the chefs have added several vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes indicated by a color and a symbol. The menu is divided into different categories: Cold, Hot, Sashimi, Seasonal, Rolls, Signature Dishes, Traditional Sushi, Charcoal Grilled Skewers, and Desserts. The dishes are all inspired by Japanese tradition, technique and culinary style using the highest quality ingredients with sophistication in every bite.  

hiroshi restaurant at hotel mousai

The Cold Menu items include a refreshing signature Hiroshi Salad with mixed lettuces, vegetables, and ginger dressing, Hiroshi Ceviche with crispy mixed vegetables and tofu cheese, and Tuna Tacos with Wonton, marinated spicy tuna, onions, avocado mousse, and potato noodles. 

The Hot Menu items feature Shishito pepper that has a sweet flavor sauteed in sea salt, soy, and lime juice, Edamame soybeans with a rich flavor sauteed in garlic, soy, and onions, Vegetable Tempura with asparagus, sweet potatoes, onions, zucchini, carrots, and spicy mayonnaise, and Sautéed Crab with soft shell crab, soy sauce, ginger, and a jalapeño dressing mixing sweet and spicy flavors. 

new menu at hiroshi restaurant

The Sashimi section offers ten different types of sashimi ranging from Octopus Carpaccio, an astonishing dish with thinly sliced octopus, guajillo pepper oil, ponzu sauce, and toasted grasshopper to Black and White, a dazzling dish with seared tuna crusted with black and white sesame seeds, chives, red onion, crunchy garlic flakes, and curry oil. 

The next section is the Seasonal section which features seasonal fish ranging from O-TORO, the most delicious Blue fin Tuna belly to Black Cod with a sweet miso sauce, coriander, and radishes. 

You will also find an impressive variety of sushi rolls with options such as Lobster and Eel. For vegetarians, we recommend the Yasai Rolls with soy paper with rice, beets, avocado, carrots, cucumber, mango, and a sweet and creamy tofu sauce. 

The menu offers seven different signature dishes from the delicate Duck Magret to Wasabi Rib Eye, and an innovative Tofu Steak with unusual flavors.  

If you love traditional sushi, you can choose between a mouthwatering selection of Nigiris, Temakis and Makis with both seafood and vegetarian options.  

For an incredible dining experience opt for the Charcoal Grilled Skewers, a selection of traditional skewers with variety of ingredients including shrimp, octopus, cherry tomatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, eggplant, and brussels sprouts.  

Lastly, we get to the best section, desserts! We took the classic Crème Brûlée and made it our own adding miso dough, sugar, and berries. Vegans will also have something to look forward to, our Vegan Chocolate Cake made with chocolate ganache, coconut cream and berries. 

Hiroshi promises you a dining experience like no other. With so many dinner options to choose from, no matter what your dietary preference is, you will not leave hungry and we promise you will come back for more. 

Garza Blanca Los Cabos 

  •  Romantic Dinner Under the Stars 

If you are thinking about celebrating your honeymoon in Los Cabos or are planning a wedding proposal in a tropical beach location, Garza Blanca Los Cabos offers a new set up for romantic dinners on the beach. This is the perfect location to enjoy a long romantic dinner with delicious food accompanied by the sounds of the ocean. 

romantic dinner at garza blanca los cabos

You will enjoy warm weather, a private table and chairs right on the sand, string lights, and a romantic ambiance. If you plan your dinner at the right time, you can have your drinks and appetizers in time to watch the sun set and witness all the magical colors of a Los Cabos sunset.  During the months of January through March the sun sets early between 5:45 pm and 6:30 pm. Starting in April the sun sets later at around 7:30 pm and from May to August it sets even later at 8:00 pm. Then you can enjoy the rest of your evening under the night sky with a fabulous main course under the stars. Once the sun sets, an outdoor fire pit will provide warmth and light up the space.  

For the romantic oceanside dinner, we offer a four-course set menu with three options per course. For the main course you can choose between roasted chicken with fine herbs, glazed sea bass, or braised short rib. Of course, if you would like to tailor a menu to your personal tastes, you can ask concierge to arrange a custom menu for your special occasion.  

Prior reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance. Call concierge on extension 1274 or ask your Experience Host for more information. 

Villa del Palmar Cancun 

Aqua Park 

aqua park in villa del palmar cancun

Always striving to create better and better experiences for our members, we are pleased to announce the opening of a new Aqua Park at Villa del Palmar Cancun. This new family-friendly attraction is from the German company Wibit Sports, the world leader in inflatable water parks. Our new floating attraction is right on the Caribbean Sea in close proximity to our breathtaking beachfront and features many inflatable toys including jumpers, slides, hurdles, twisty balance beams, and a dome engineered for bouncing. The whole family can experience the ultimate fun with a unique form of water play testing balance, agility and jumping skills. 

The Aqua Park is open daily from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm for guests over 10 years old with the hours of 11:00 am and 3:00 pm reserved exclusively for the kids club. This new addition offers something new for teenagers to enhance their enjoyment of our resorts. If you and your kids love playing on the water, this is the perfect activity to do together as a family providing endless fun and water excitement for all ages. For parents who prefer to relax on the beach, you can keep an eye on your children as they leap and splash from the comfort of our beautiful white sand beach.  

Guests staying at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Cancun also have access to all the resort amenities offered at Villa del Palmar Cancun including the Aqua Park. Whichever resort you choose to stay at, we can´t wait for you and your families to come and experience our new floating wonderland that is sure to make your vacations with us even more exhilarating!