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TAFER DIAMOND – AAA Training Program

4 Diamond Award – 2019

Tafer Resorts is proud of the AAA Diamonds we have been awarded and values the talented leaders and employees who have helped us to achieve this success. To maintain our strong track record, we make training and developing talent our top priority.

During the month of August, we held our annual company-wide training  program on High Service Standards. Staff attended training sessions led by Alejandra Vicenttin, an internationally recognized Strengths Coach from Gallup Consulting. Alejandra specializes in Standards Implementation and Operations and has extensive experience in providing these services to luxury hotel brands in U.S, International and Hispanic markets. She is a Multiple Award-winning, Fortune 100 Executive with a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

The training program ran from August 13 to 30 2019, with 1,292 employees participating across the company. Garza Blanca Resort Preserve & Spa, Hotel Mousai and Villa del Palmar Cancun each dedicated a week to the training program and all new employees and all staff from different areas participated in the on-site training sessions. They gathered valuable information about quality service and participated in interactive role playing exercises to review and evaluate service standards. The training week at each hotel concluded with conferences focused on  “Luxury Refined Service”.

This was a highly successful training experience for all who participated, and our team of collaborators demonstrated their high level of commitment to Quality, Passion for Service and the Satisfaction of our Guests.

“We constantly prepare to achieve Excellence and Polish our Diamonds”