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Taco Nights & Grill Beach Party

A selection of exclusive events for this season, 100% Mexican avant-garde concept, prepared with products from the region and the essence of our beloved Mexico. Our Head Chefs and Area Managers take care that every detail, product and service is presented in the best way to surpass the expectations of our guests.

Event information:

Cost: $ 650.00 (VAT and Service Charge included)

Included for: MP and AI

Fee for: EP

Includes: Full buffet and 1 house drink

Taco Night

Our famous Taco Night that presents a variety of cuts and side dishes with the best products of the region. A 100% Mexican night in which our guests can prepare tacos to their own taste and style. Garnish such as pineapple roasted with habanero, pickled radishes, guacamole, pico de gallo, green, red and molcajete sauces are just some of the garnishes.


A station of handmade tortillas and quesadillas prepared in the moment to delight our guests. Smell the flavors of the marinades prepared by our house chefs who accompany us to amaze our guests with their grilling skills.


The location of this event is in main pool area. Taco Night begins at 5:00 pm. Be prepared for a rustic but refined dining style and atmosphere with picnic tables and service stations such as hot bar, salad bar, and dessert bar. We’ve prepared special lighting, music and ambiance for our Taco Night. We can accommodate 100 or more people at a time for Taco Night in the pool area.

Beach Grill Party

The best way to enjoy dinner with us is on the beach. This assembly is part of our special events by season in which a special preparation is made for approximately 120 people. With rustic but refined furniture and picnic tables we put at the order of our guests the master chefs and area managers taking care of every detail, service and product to surpass the expectations of our guests.


After daytime at the beach is over, around 5:30 p.m. we start to assemble the grill party on the beach. This is dinner on the sand with an unparalleled view to Los Arcos and the place where the sun falls and melts into the middle of the sea.


Our chefs prepare a delightful meal where the essence is the culture and the taste of Mexico. The best quality products from the region, the catch of the day and fixings that keep the flavor of our Mexico are all part of this spectacular night.


For these events it is always a pleasure to invite our Commissary Chef, Pastry Chef, and the rest of the food and beverage team, who form a great staff that takes care of all of the products and services offered.