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Spanish Classes

Clases-de-Español Cover

Garza Blanca offers Spanish classes every Wednesday and Sunday at 10:00am. Meet Tito, the Spanish teacher, in the lobby and he will take the group into Blanca Blue or outside to the terrace for the lesson.


Tito is also the guide for the hiking trips to the waterfall. He is very charismatic and a lot of fun, so make sure you seize the opportunity to meet him!


In the “Basic Spanish” class you will learn some beginner phrases such as:

  • ¡Buénos días! – Good morning!
  • ¿Cómo estás? – How are you?
  • ¿Qué pasa? – What’s happening?
  • Mi nombre es… – My name is …


You will learn the alphabet and how all of the letters are pronounced, and you will learn a  lot more words and phrases. You will also get a worksheet to take home with you!


Fun fact:

The Spanish alphabet has one additional letter that is not in the English alphabet: the ñ. Years ago there used to be 4 letters in the Spanish alphabet that are not in the English alphabet: ch, ll, ñ, and rr. About 15 years ago the Academy of Spanish eliminated ch, ll, and rr from the alphabet, claiming that those letters already exist in the alphabet and only need to be combined to form the sounds. Now only the ñ remains, because it has a unique sound that no other letter produces.


Tito is a great teacher and he is full of fun facts and little tidbits of knowledge that make the Spanish class even more fun!


He also shared some words from native languages of indigenous people of Mexico, which was a great added bonus.


Spanish classes at Garza Blanca are not cumulative and there is no prerequisite. You can just head down to the lobby any Wednesday or Sunday and jump in. This way, each time you visit Garza Blanca, you can improve your Spanish!