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Room Types at Garza Blanca

At Garza Blanca Residence Club we have a number of room types for our members to enjoy depending on how many points you have available to use. Your flexible points-based membership allows you to customize your stay depending on your particular needs each vacation in accordance with your points balance. And, if need be, you can bank, borrow or accelerate points to access any points that you may need for a particular reservation.*

A Unit for All Occasions

There is no limit on your enjoyment at Garza Blanca and our units of varying sizes can provide the perfect setting each year for your unique vacation experiences. Take a look below at the different suites you can enjoy.


If you prefer to stay in a beachside unit, we have two sizes of studio**: The Studio Beach Prime, with a large spa tub on the deck (ideal for romance and relaxation) or the Standard Beach Studio. The Standard Beach Studio is also the lock-off suite that joins a One Bedroom unit with full kitchen, dining area and an extra bathroom when choosing a Two Bedroom Beach Lock-Off. The Prime Beach Studio is the lock-off suite that joins the Full Two Bedroom unit, also with full kitchen, dining area and an extra bathroom, when reserving a Three Bedroom Beach Lock-Off. Likewise, you can reserve both a One Bedroom or Full Two Bedroom unit (without lock-off) in the beachfront buildings.



On the Mountain-side of the beach resort, we also have two types of studios**: The Mountain Studio located within Towers 4 and 5, and the studio units of the adults only Hotel Mousai. Together with the Two Bedroom Mountain unit, the Mountain Studio is the luxury lock-off unit that completes the Three Bedroom Mountain Suite. Likewise, you can reserve a Two Bedroom Mountain Suite (Two Bedroom Suites formed by a Lock-Off and One Bedroom are not available on the mountainside). Both the Two and Three Bedroom Mountain units come with full gourmet kitchens, large living and dining areas and wrap around terraces with an outdoor Jacuzzi.


Hotel Mousai offers a stunning One Bedroom Penthouse, and Towers 4 and 5 on the mountainside have incredible 3 Bedroom Penthouses on two stories. In the main lobby building, there are beautiful beachfront Penthouses available (Penthouse 3-bdrm Beach Prime), while in towers 2 and 3 on the beachfront, there are also three bedroom penthouses available (Penthouse 3 Bdrm Beach A and B).



Below you will find an overview of the number of points needed for a 7 night stay in some of the most popular units. For the full list, click the following links:

Points Scores for Garza Blanca

Seasons calendar

Points Needed for a 7 night stay

Studio Beach 1727 1727 1114
Studio Beach Prime 2842 2200 1833
Studio Mountain 2361 1828 1523
Studio Mousai 3230   2500 2083
One Bedroom Beach 3255 2808 2170
Two Bedroom Beach LO 3730 3434 2605
Two Bedroom Beach 3650 3360 2549
Two Bdrm Mt. 4810 4428 3359
Three Bdrm Beach LO 6011 5188 4072
Three Bdrm Mt. LO 7171 6256 4882



* You may not bank, borrow or accelerate points for reservations during the 6 holiday weeks (Christmas, New Year, Presidents Week, Easter x2, Thanksgiving) with the exception that Elite members with more than 10,000 points may accelerate during the holiday weeks.

** Please remember that the studios at Garza Blanca do not feature any cooking facilities.