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RCI’s Trading Power

One of the great advantages of belonging to a luxury residence club like Garza Blanca is that you are eligible for exchanges with RCI and The Registry Collection, which are the world’s most renowned international exchange networks. In order to make the most out of your Garza Blanca membership with RCI, it is important to understand the term “trading power” and how it can affect the choices you have when exchanging your timeshare for other destinations around the world.

RCI’s trading power is a term that refers to the value given to a reserved week at Garza Blanca Residence Club when you deposit it for exchange. How much trading power your timeshare week has will depend on a variety of criteria such as the season, destination, type of accommodation and how much time in advance you deposit your week. The higher your trading power the more choices you will have to exchange your week.

Purpose of Trading Power

The purpose of training power is to make exchanges fair and to ensure like for like swaps. For example, you would expect to have great trading power if you deposit a week reserved for peak seasons or during Thanksgiving, likewise, you would expect higher trading power for a five star hotel or for a reservation in a larger suite or penthouse. Trading power therefore, helps you to exchange the value of your timeshare week in relative terms.

How to Maximize your Trading Power

There are various aspects that go towards calculating RCI’s trading power, some of which you can affect while others are out of your control, such as the standard of the resort, supply and demand, customer comment card ranking and so on. Nevertheless, you can boost your trading power by depositing a week that is reserved during peak seasons, or in a more luxurious unit as well as by depositing as early as possible, up to two years in advance. For example, your trading power will be lower if you despot less than 9 months before the reservation date.
RCI’s trading power is intended to make exchanging your timeshare weeks more accountable and fair. If you haven’t already done so, see how Garza Blanca Residence Club through RCI can open up the world of global travel for you.