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RCI and Your Garza Blanca Membership

A leading division of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, RCI is one of the world’s largest exchange networks that facilitates the trading of timeshare weeks and points on a global scale. As part of Garza Blanca Residence Club’s dedication to its members, when you purchase your membership for the first time, you receive a year’s free subscription to RCI as an additional benefit and may continue to enjoy RCI’s amazing exchange network for a minimal yearly fee if you so wish.

The services provided by RCI are incredibly attractive to members who wish to take advantage of their Garza Blanca club points to stay in other exclusive resorts around the globe. With more than 4,000 incredible affiliated resorts and developments in almost 100 countries worldwide, it is no wonder RCI is leading the pack when it comes to vacation exchange companies. You will also benefit from additional perks such as competitive prices for car rentals, cruises and theme park entry, all thanks to RCI’s wide range of affiliated leisure companies.

The steps are simple, and you can enjoy various benefits such as exchanging your vacation periods for other locations or times of the year, visiting a different country each vacation and even enjoying additional getaways at affordable prices. With RCI’s interactive online services and accounts, planning and organizing your vacations on a global scale has never been easier.

Finally, for Garza Blanca Residence Club members, perhaps the most reassuring part about having access to RCI’s exchange network, is that only the very best resorts and developments that reach the highest standards are selected to become affiliated with RCI. When you are accustomed to luxury, it is hard to expect anything less.

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