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Puerto Vallarta Gears Up for Whale Watching Season

As the winter months roll in, the people of Puerto Vallarta gear up for one of the most celebrated events of the year: whale watching season.  From late October to March, large pods of humpback whales head to the tepid waters of Banderas Bay in search of the ideal setting for breeding and birthing their young.  As if announcing their arrival, the gentle beasts put on magnificent displays that can be seen all around the Bay, marking the beginning of a beautiful and awe-inspiring whale watching season.


The humpback whale, one of the most acrobatic species in the world, is known for its spectacular shows and playful behavior that have led to it being considered one of the most popular species in the sea.  Breaching, spy-hopping, fin and tail slapping are all part of the entertainment when heading out on whale watching adventure.  These playful gestures serve their purpose, either ridding the mammals of pesky barnacles and sea lice or announcing their location for other whales in the area.  Regardless of the reason, the magnificent displays create sensational memories for those who head out into the bay on a whale watching tour.


There are a multitude of tour companies in Puerto Vallarta who serve the bay daily during whale watching season with boatloads of tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of the gentle giants.  Despite the fact that whale sightings can never be guaranteed, few return disappointed.  Most commonly, visitors go home with splendid tales and incredible photos of their whale watching adventures.  Why not use your members’ discount card and book a private whale watching tour to see these incredible creatures up close?

While the most thrilling whale sightings are those encountered out in the open waters, there have been many Residence Club members who have reported witnessing the spectacular shows from the shores of the Garza Blanca Preserve.  The location of the resort, on the southern end of Banderas Bay, makes it the ideal place for causal whale sightings, which can be seen from your private balcony, from the lobby or even while dining at Blanca Blue and BocaDos STK.  The exquisite experience makes being a Garza Blanca Residence Club member even more luxurious.