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Puerto Vallarta Celebrates 100 Years!

Last month saw a host of celebrations in Puerto Vallarta as the municipality celebrated its 100th birthday!

100 Years Old

The municipality of Puerto Vallarta officially came into being 100 years ago on May 31st 1918! 50 years later, on May 31st 1968, Puerto Vallarta was recognized as a city in its own right. In honor of these historic moments, the whole city came alive to celebrate Puerto Vallarta’s 100th birthday with a series of events.

Since the beginning of the year, numerous events have been organized in coordination with the 100 year celebration, including art exhibitions on the Malecon, concerts and processions.  The city pulled out all of the stops with the annual MayFest, which was weeklong festivity that climaxed on the weekend following May 31st with a free concert featuring Mexican superstar, Pepe Aguilar!

Why Visit in May

Even when the city is not celebrating such a huge milestone, May is a wonderful month to visit Puerto Vallarta; this is when the city hosts its annual MayFest as well as the much awaited Restaurant Week. For 2018 the culinary event was extended for another two weeks into June, and we hope this will become a tradition in future years!


Exclusive three-course meals

Every eatery which participates in the Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week is required to create an exclusive three course menu which features three options for each course and offers savings on usual prices. This means that every diner can create a unique and personalized dining experience for a set price.

The festival gives gourmands plenty of time to experience several participating restaurants’ offerings. Furthermore, the impressive savings on offer mean that you can eat out a little more often and really get a feel for what is on offer in the culinary scene in Puerto Vallarta.

So, why not book for May 2019 and make the most of MayFest and Restaurant Week?