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Points Redemption Program

Great news! Your membership at Garza Blanca Residence Club is about to get even better – you will enjoy even more choice, even more flexibility and even more ways to use your club points.

From September 15, 2014, Garza Blanca Residence Club members will be able to use club points in exchange for services at the resort, including meal plans, special privileges and even spa services. The Points Redemption Program makes vacations at Garza Blanca and Villa del Palmar Cancun all the more luxurious without having to pay a penny more.

The way that the Points Redemption Program works is that your Garza Blanca Residence Club points can be used to pre-pay services and special signature extras to make your stay even more spectacular. When you make your reservation, you can choose from a selection of add-on products and services, and then use your points to pay for them. The Points Redemption program allows you to use up to 50% of your annual club points allocation and 50% of your banked vacation points towards the pre-purchase of products and services at Garza Blanca and Villa del Palmar Cancun.

One of the most beneficial ways to take advantage of the Points Redemption Program is to use your points to pre-pay all-inclusive meal plans so you can forget all about having to prepare meals or load the dishwasher in your suite. You can also pre-pay spa services and special signature services like a romantic dinner or private chef.

The key to an amazing vacation is to enjoy every last minute and we hope our Points Redemption Program makes it even easier for you to do just that.

See the examples below for how you can spend your points.