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Playa Las Gemelas: Twice as Nice

Just a few minutes’ drive south of the Garza Blanca resort grounds along the Barra de Navidad highway awaits the picturesque Playa Las Gemelas, with its soft, powdery sands and calm cerulean waves. Approximately 9 kilometers removed from the heart of Puerto Vallarta, Las Gemelas is an outstanding option for visitors looking for an escape from the fanfare and bustle of the city proper.

The name “Playa Las Gemelas” translates from Spanish as “Twin Beaches,” as this stretch of shoreline actually comprises two waterfront areas in close proximity to one another. The north beach and south beach are separated by a rock wall rising out of the sand, and so while the nearest beach is easily accessible to the public, getting to the southern shore will likely require a bit of hiking over the boulders that form the defining line or taking a brisk swim offshore.

Playa Las Gemelas is an ideal place to spend a relaxing afternoon with the family. Although these beaches are virtually unknown to tourists, they are popular among locals during certain times of year. Claiming the best spot to watch the day unfold can occasionally be a matter of arriving early and prepared.

The secluded location of these binary beaches gives them a private feel, and the souvenir sellers and other vendors that populate some of the area’s more regularly trafficked beaches are a much less frequent sight along Playa Las Gemelas. This means that supplies such as drinks, snacks, sunblock, and towels are in short supply on the waterfront itself, but can easily be packed into your beach day bundle or purchased from the Garza Blanca onsite gift shop. There are also no public restrooms at these beaches, so be prepared to spend the day and then head back to the hotel when needed.

Playa Las Gemelas provides a wealth of visual richness to lovers of beauty. The wide profile of these beaches offers ample room for stretching out, the warm water sparkles in the endless summer sun, and there is also a clear panoramic view of the majestic rock formation known as Los Arcos. The tranquil surf even makes Playa Las Gemelas a worthy visit for active travelers, delivering an excellent environment for water sports such boogie boarding or kayaking.

From a lazy afternoon of lounging to engaging activities such as beach volleyball and soccer, Playa Las Gemelas presents the best of Vallarta’s beaches without the characteristic crowds of more well-known beaches. These twin beaches are a must-visit destination during a stay at Garza Blanca, forming a perfect backdrop for lifelong memories with your favorite people.