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Miriam Vázquez – New Restaurant Manager at Blanca Blue


With Blanca Blue being updated from top to bottom, including improvements to the dining room, a brand new menu, new cocktails, new chef, and new bar staff, the restaurant needed a strong new manager to steer the transition into the new direction, and Miriam was the perfect choice.

With her experience in fine dining, Mexican food and diversity in the culinary arts world, in addition to being fully bilingual in English and Spanish and bicultural in Mexican and United States culture, she brings an unmatched skill set to Blanca Blue. Read on to learn more about our new top notch manager.

Please tell us a little about your background.

I was born in Mexico City, and when I was 12 years old I moved to the United States. I lived in Sedona, Arizona for 16 years. I started working at L’Auberge de Sedona Resort and Spa which is where my passion for Food & Beverage and service started. L’Auberge had two restaurants, an American bistro where I started working, and a separate restaurant L’Auberge restaurant which is a French fine dining restaurant. I worked in different departments at L’Auberge over 13 years. That is where I developed most of my skills, and where I discovered that I liked working in Food & Beverage. I started as a food & beverage server, then I became restaurant supervisor, then I was promoted to restaurant manager.

Then I moved to the front of the house to the rooms division, so I was a concierge, front desk and then I was the assistant manager of the hotel.

But I like the food and beverage side better; I loved food and beverage and I did not want to leave that part of my life.

When did you return to Mexico?

In 2003 L’Auberge started to be managed by Capella Hotels and Resorts. Capella had a few hotels in Mexico, and being Mexican myself, I was few people at L’Auberge who spoke Spanish and understood Mexican culture, so Capella offered me the opportunity to transfer to Valle de Bravo, which is a country club style golf resort just south of Mexico City. I started a new part of my life there, working as the Groups and Conventions Manager for 5 years.

How did you discover Puerto Vallarta?

Capella Ixtapa opened in 2008 in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and I moved there from 2008 to 2015. When I was in Zihuatanejo, I vacationed in Puerto Vallarta, and I remember just falling in love with this part of Mexico. I loved the pebble streets and the old Mexican feel of the town, but with the major shopping centers and lots of nightlife and diversity of culinary. There is Japanese, Mexican, Italian, every type of food here in Puerto Vallarta, and I decided I wanted to move to Puerto Vallarta at some point in my life.

So after being in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo for 8 years, in 2015 I decided to come to Puerto Vallarta, and that’s when I joined Hotel Mousai.

When I got to Hotel Mousai, it had only been open for 11 months and it was still being organized, so I joined as Food & Beverage Experience Manager, which means I was in charge of everything in the Food & Beverage department. Hotel Mousai is a whole new different kind of hotel, everybody is young, you have beautiful views, it’s a unique concept for a hotel. The Japanese restaurant, Hiroshi, is still one of my favorite restaurants. The chef there, Carlos Leyva is something special.

When did you move to Garza Blanca?

I was at Hotel Mousai from 2015 through the beginning of 2018, and then the management of Garza Blanca approached me and offered me to join them at Blanca Blue because they needed somebody who had the experience in fine dining and also a lot of different kinds of experience in Mexican food and diversity in the culinary arts world. So I found this to be a fun project and I joined.




Tell me about your work at Garza Blanca.

We are focusing on the development of Blanca Blue. We want it to be fresh, traditional, and modern at the same time. We want our guests to find the traditional food items that you will find in the streets of Mexico, but with a high end twist from Chef Ovidio.

We are also developing our drinks to be fun, traditional, using all the spirits that you usually don’t find on a resort menu like Mezcal, Agua Ardiente, Tuba, and others. We want Blanca Blue to be something very different for our guests, where they will find unexpected ingredients that are interesting.

Tell me more about Blanca Blue Restaurant.

I love Blanca Blue. I remember the first time I walked into these doors when I first joined Hotel Mousai. It’s a beautiful view – a full angle – and you feel like you’re just above the water. And the sunsets are just beautiful here. And we have the two areas; if you want to enjoy the nice air conditioned area, we have the largest restaurant dining room with air conditioning on the property. And then we also have the terrace, so you can dine alfresco and feel the breeze, especially in December, January and February. Those months are the best months for dining on the terrace.


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Blanca Blue was recently renovated. Can you tell me what was changed?

Yes, the space was renovated. The colors were changed from white to more gold and silver, and we are adding some murals. We’ve added a handicapped ramp as a feature to serve our guests better. We’ve updated the dining room and we are continuing to make little improvements.

The menu was also recently updated?

Yes. Most of our members really wanted to try something new for Blanca Blue, and we are trying to make their wishes come true with all the Mexican dishes we’ve incorporated. The guests will find a lot of the items they have been requesting for a long time on the new menu, and the new beverages menu. We can’t wait to see what they think.

At the breakfast buffet you may still find some of the breakfast favorites such as waffles, hot cakes, omelettes, French toast as well as some traditional Mexican dishes. And now we are featuring weekly Sunday specials such as pozole, birria, chilaquiles, and tamales. These are not usually items you find in a fine dining restaurant, but we are able to incorporate them because people have been asking for more Mexican food for breakfast. We’ve also added some fruits such as tuna, which is cactus fruit, and our brand new Smoothie Bar using local, seasonal fruits.

For lunch we are serving a more refreshing menu with things like gazpacho, ceviche, salads. It’s a menu that is going to be a little bit more light, but still filled with Mexican dishes.

For dinner we are incorporating traditional Mexican dinner dishes such as black mole, pipian, and the traditional Pescado Zarandeado. We have worked a lot on the variety. We have dishes with duck, chicken, fish, lobster, crab, ceviches. We have something for everyone on the dinner menu.

We also changed the music that we play during dinner service. It is now a Mexican ballad style of music, very romantic and traditional.

What else do you want our members to know about Blanca Blue?  

Whenever you are in Blanca Blue you can always ask for something even if you don’t see it on the menu. Our servers and chef are very open to accommodating any request you have.


Miriam Vázquez