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Mercado 28 Cancun

For many people, the real joy of the holiday season is gift giving. If you are planning to spend Christmas in Cancun and you are looking for some presents to buy, why not try something different this year? Skip the big shopping malls and head to Mercado 28, a vibrant flea market in the heart of the city, where you can find a great variety of gifts to buy.  Sometimes gift giving can be difficult when you don´t know what to buy or for someone who seemingly has everything. At Mercado 28, you will find unique gift options that would be almost impossible-to-find outside of Mexico.  

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Mercado 28 has been around for many years. It has a colorful design and is located in a market square where you will find more than 100 stalls selling a diverse variety of Mexican articles, products, and handicrafts. If you are looking for an authentic Mexican Christmas shopping experience, you will find it there with a wide assortment of everything in different styles, sizes, shapes, and prices. There you will find an enormous variety from handmade clothing and textiles and hand-painted Mexican toys to jewelry and silver, to ceramics and tequila. 

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Once you find something you like, try to negotiate a little to get yourself a good discount. Also keep in mind that most vendors don’t accept credit or debit cards, so bring cash with you. There is an ATM at the market, so if you find more items to buy than you anticipated and run out of cash, there is still the opportunity to take out more while you are there.  

When you need a break, the market has plenty of food stalls and restaurants where you can stop to refuel between shopping. You will find a great variety of options from small taco stands to renowned restaurants. The cuisine offered is much more typically Mexican than at other touristy spots in Cancun. One of the best-known seafood restaurants is “El Cejas”, so if you love seafood it is worth stopping there to try their seafood dishes made with the most typical Mexican preparation.  

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Mercado 28 is located approximately a 20-minute drive from Villa del Palmar Cancun, depending on the traffic. If you need to arrange transportation to get there, stop by the Concierge desk in the lobby and our concierge will help you choose the best method of transportation. 

Get caught up in a unique holiday shopping frenzy this year, and discover novelty items and exciting gifts that your traveling companions or relatives back home will absolutely love.