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At Garza Blanca Residence Club, we would love to receive your thoughtful reviews or articles about your club membership experiences at Garza Blanca or Villa del Palmar Cancun. Why not send us an email to with your review attached and our team of editors will select the best accounts to publish in the newsletter.

To set the standard, here is a review from Nancy Williamson from San Francisco, California who stayed a Garza Blanca Resort for Thanksgiving.

“My family and I have been taking vacations in Puerto Vallarta for almost 10 years now and we wish we had known about Garza Blanca Residence Club before. In March, we will have been members for 3 years!
For Thanksgiving week 2014, we stayed in a Two Bedroom Panoramic suite in the mountains at Garza Blanca, which was fabulous. My husband, his parents and our two teenage children all stayed together in the apartment and we had a really incredible time. The kids slept on the sofa bed and gave my parents the second bedroom with 2 queen beds. We usually try to stay in a Deluxe Studio or a One Bedroom on the beachfront but we wanted something special for Thanksgiving, especially because we were going to be so many of us.

I took advantage of the amazing kitchen with granite worktops and cooked a delicious Thanksgiving dinner for us all – there is a Costco and Walmart in Puerto Vallarta! We ate our turkey dinner looking out over Banderas Bay on the 8th floor. It was super incredible. We could have eaten in Blanca Blue, which had a special menu, but my husband likes the way I cook the turkey. There is nothing like home cooking at Thanksgiving, even if you are at the beach in flip flops!

The highlight for us was the free jungle hike at the preserve as we went with our guide Tito, who took us on an amazing trail. My in-laws went on the free bird-watching tour and said that it was a pleasant walk and not too strenuous. My kids preferred to sit by the pool all day, although they did venture out on the paddle boards and took the plunge on the canopy zipline excursion which left them reeling for hours after.

Next year I think my husband and I want to try out Hotel Mousai, just the two of us. We took a look at the model suite and it is spectacular. I can’t wait to get into the private jacuzzi on the terrace and drink a margarita… counting the days till our return …”