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Member Testimonials – The Ringers

Over the years, the faces of our members become familiar, memories are shared, and their stories become our own. They are truly part of the extended Club family.  We are proud to provide unique vacation experiences, and are so appreciative when members take the time to share their positive experiences with others through online reviews.

This month we introduce you to Elite Members Shep and Bonnie Ringer. The Ringers are among our biggest fans, frequently visit all the TAFER properties, and are regular attendees of the annual Member Meeting. Shep Ringer also participates on the TAFER Member Advisory Committee. Both he and Bonnie critique their experiences and offer suggestions regarding new benefits, services, programs, menu suggestions and other ideas relevant to all members.  

In January, they were thrilled to visit the brand new Garza Blanca Los Cabos.  “We’ve been anticipating the grand opening of this new resort for a while now, crossing our fingers that it would open in time for us. We had no idea of the welcome we were to receive, or that we would be the honored FIRST guests! Picture a royal cavalcade, with a welcoming committee of 300, camera crew and drones filming every moment. We have the entire resort to ourselves! It really does feel like a dream.”  Shep Ringer

Recently the Ringers also visited Villa del Palmar Cancun, where they have gotten to know many staff members over the last several years.   TAFER Resorts have been pleased to include Bonnie in several resort Wellness events. As a yoga instructor, she has shared with her fellow members the many benefits of yoga as a proven method to increase flexibility, gain strength, and reduce stress.

The Ringers know the secret to maximizing their membership is to use it!  They make it a point to be familiar with their benefits and the flexible options available to them, and they squeeze every precious drop of relaxation out of their hard earned vacations. The Cub and hotel management try diligently to balance the needs of all members with the operational challenges of running a business to consistently provide the highest quality vacations to all the members. The Ringers know that communication and engagement is the key to understanding the value of your membership. As ‘”Club ambassadors” we sincerely thank the Ringers for their continual support.

Now it’s your turn! We invite you to use the links below to leave honest feedback about your membership. Your firsthand reviews help promote a positive image about vacation ownership and encourage others to join our Club family. Our industry sometimes gets bad press, so it is incredibly powerful when our members speak out to affirm their experiences.  Thank you for supporting your Club!

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