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Meet your Lobby Ambassador, Diana Navarro

One of the most elegant and friendly faces you will see on your next vacation to Garza Blanca Residence Club in Puerto Vallarta is your Lobby Ambassador, Diana Berenice Navarro Aguilar. If you have yet to meet her, you are in for a treat on your upcoming visit. Read on for an interesting interview with your charming Lobby Ambassador.

From Mexico City, Diana moved to Puerto Vallarta almost two years ago looking to make positive changes in her life, and on her quest for fulfillment, we are lucky to have her join us on the Garza Blanca team. Here is what she had to say.



How did you come to be Garza Blanca’s Lobby Ambassador?

My previous career in Mexico City was in training and education, and I have a masters degree in both business and life coaching. I came to Puerto Vallarta over a year and a half ago and began working as a hostess at the Blanca Blue Restaurant. My job was to greet people as they arrived, but I began talking with our guests and members asking them about their vacations, how they were and so on.
Then people would come and look for me to talk. I think that Mr. Marc Dobbels, our general manager, saw that and figured I would be ideal for the position of Lobby Ambassador that he wanted to create, an idea he brought with him from his experience as manager of the Ritz-Carlton.


What is your role as Lobby Ambassador?

The essential responsibility of this position is to be a friendly contact between Garza Blanca Residence Club members and the management team during and beyond their stay. My role is to support this relationship and make sure that their vacations are extraordinary experiences.


What do you do for members?

When our members check in, I am there to greet them while they are with their concierges and I give them a personalized letter from Mr. Dobbels, which has his extension number and my email address and phone number where they may contact me. Also, I send a welcome email the next day, which is another way to stay in touch in case they don’t see me. I try to be all around the resort walking and talking with people to make sure everything is in place and that  our members are happy and that things are more than perfect. My main priority is to meet each member personally and make sure they have everything they need for a fabulous vacation, liaising with the different departments where necessary.


How can members find you?

They can find me in the main lobby, or walking around the pools. Depending on the season and flights, I am usually in the lobby in the mornings and then I make my rounds to meet everyone around midday. If they go to the lobby and I’m not there, members can always ask for me, and someone will contact me, or they can send an email as I always have my tablet with me to receive emails. I also make courtesy calls to make sure that everything is alright, checking that members have all the information they need, that they have made contact with their personal concierge, reminding them about making reservations in the restaurants, checking that all the departments are excelling in their responsibilities.


What do you bring to this important position at the hotel?

I think our members can sense how I am genuinely interested in their stories and their lives. This isn’t just a job for me, I get really inspired by my relationships with everyone that arrives to the hotel. You find out what their vacations mean to them, like some people arrive to celebrate that they have won their battle with cancer, or a family reunion, and I love being part of that experience, taking care of the details, being part of making their experience go beyond what they expected.


What do you love about working at Garza Blanca?

I love that everyday I see what I call the “living postcard picture” from the lobby, as the entrance to the pools and beach frames the ocean. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, even if it is raining, it’s just so inspiring. Also, if I compare Garza Blanca with other companies, they provide you with important benefits, for example free transportation for staff and dining, which not many companies provide. I receive lots of support from all the management team and the different departments. I also love that it is a Mexican company, a family business, and that the family is really involved in the running of the resort and that they are really interested; not many companies are like that these days.


What inspires you?

For me, if I can make someone smile with my smile, life is worth it! When someone is speechless because they have had not just a great time, but an unforgettable experience, waking up in the morning is worth it. If they can forget their problems for a while or they feel they were listened to, that is what inspires me. That includes our members, our guests and all my coworkers.