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Making the Most of your Prefered Points this Summer

Summer is well and truly here! It’s that time of the year when you can use your extra set of points: Preferred Points. Have you used them already? If not, let us give you some advice about how to use them so you can get the most out of your membership this summer.

Preferred Points mean EXTRA points!

It is very common for members to think that their preferred points can only be used as an “extra” week in the same unit that corresponds to the optimal use of their club points, and therefore a lot of times preferred points aren’t used at all. What some of you might not know is that you can use them to try out other types of units, combining Preferred Points with your regular set of club points for even more luxurious vacations or longer stays.

For example, did you know that if you have 1114 points, which have an optimal use of 7 nights in a Studio Beach unit, from May through October you could combine club points with your extra set of preferred points and get 7 nights during the same months in a One Bedroom unit on the beach?
Wouldn’t you love to come see our newly restored beach with your family and have enough space and privacy to fully enjoy your vacations? Our One Bedroom units sleep up to four adults in two different sleeping areas, plus you get to enjoy an interior whirlpool, perfect for relaxing after fun-filled afternoons on the beach!


Or …

If your dream vacation for this year includes only you and your significant other, how about trying out the Studio unit in the mountain towers?
With the most beautiful views of the bay; the Studio Beach Prime, with its two jacuzzis, an interior one and one on your own private terrace; or the recently opened Hotel Mousai with its amazing roof top pool?


Remember that one of the advantages of using your Preferred Points is that you can pay the pro-rated maintenance fee for only the points that you need, so you can always pamper yourself and your partner and try out one of these incredible units for just a little more than your annual maintenance fee.

Why not try out other units on your next visit using your Preferred Points? Don’t forget to check in with your specialized member concierge upon arrival so we can schedule your members update.