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Los Cabos Whale Shark Experiences

There are few places in the world like Los Cabos with its sparkling, crystalline waters, dry heat, great climate, and the majestic whale sharks which pass through the Sea of Cortez (in Baja California Sur) and the Bay of La Paz each year between early winter and late spring. Better yet, these waters can be reached easily with a short boat trip from Los Cabos.

Whale Sharks

These leviathans of the deep can reach a staggering 40 feet long (though the average is anywhere from 18 to 32 feet), 70 years old, and over 20 tons… their sheer size alone makes whale sharks awe-inspiring. Beyond this, they are some of the most amazing creatures to get close to. Despite their enormous size, whale sharks are gentle, placid creatures who pose no threat to any humans who decide to swim close to them and treat them with respect—unless you get in their way, then their sheer size and force might cause you some bruising.

Many people wonder whether these creatures are whales or sharks, and it’s a fair question. As they are much bigger creatures than any other sharks in existence today, we tend to think of them as whales. They are, however, fish and part of the shark family, though they share their size with the air-breathing whales. Unlike most sharks, they are filter-feeders who literally “filter” small fish, plankton, and microscopic plants through their gills in order to feed. They are one of only three shark species which feed in this way.

Swimming with whale sharks in Cabo

Whale sharks used to be plentiful across the world, but these days they are considered an endangered species and, as such, are protected by international and Mexican law. As you can imagine this does have some effect upon the experience you get when you book a whale shark tour. For example, only two people are allowed in the water with the whale sharks at any one time, and you will be asked to wear organic, biodegradable sunscreen when you do get to swim with them. Nonetheless, such tours are some of the most sought-after experience in the Los Cabos area!

The brave and daring amongst you will find that there are plenty of boats able to take you on such excursions, but you shouldn’t worry about legitimacy as only the most reputable individuals are able to gain a license to run such tours! As long as your tour operator has a license you can be sure they are exercising the correct caution and measures to ensure the safety of both you and the whale sharks themselves.

When Garza Blanca Los Cabos opens in 2018, you will be able to book legitimate tours from the on site tour agency at the resort.