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Kundalini Yoga: Another Perk for Garza Blanca Members

Did you know that as a Garza Blanca Residence Club Member, you have access to scores of inspirational activities, such as Kundalini Yoga? The resort, which prides itself on inspiring the art of living, offers special Kundalini Yoga sessions, led by our expert yoga instructor Prócoro Hernández, that take place at three of the resort’s most coveted locations: by the river, on the beach or on the mountain deck.

Join Prócoro as he guides you on a spiritual journey towards heightened human awareness and creative potential. This universal practice can be enjoyed by everyone and is one of the most meditative forms of yoga around. Kundalini yoga utilizes a series of breathing techniques, mantras, physical exercises and meditation with the aim of gaining greater individual understanding of oneself and of the world around. With Procoro as your guide, you’ll be transported to a place of pure relaxation and sublime inner reflection.

Experience the beauty and serenity of Garza Blanca Preserve while participating in one of the peaceful and calming Kundalini Yoga sessions. Whether looking out over the stunning seaside escape on the mountain deck, basking in the surrounding beauty of birdsong and flowing water by the river, or simply letting the supernal allure of sweeping ocean vistas ease your mind while the soft white sand caresses your toes, you’ll experience a connection with your mind, body and soul like never before.

Allow our experienced yoga instructor to send you on a journey that might just change the way you look at life and perfect the art of living through inspirational activities. Make the most of your Garza Blanca Residence Club membership and join others as they fulfill their quest for an enriching lifestyle.