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Keep your Membership Safe from Scams

It is our duty at Garza Blanca Residence Club to remind our valuable members to beware of the evermore cunning scams that target both potential timeshare buyers as well as happy vacation club members. It has come to our attention recently that there has been a surge of scams within the industry. You may be thinking, “how could I get involved in a scam if I have membership at a reputable vacation club like Garza Blanca Residence Club?” You would be surprised at the various ways fraudsters attempt to scam members at the best vacation clubs, so please spend some time to read the article below as to how to keep yourself safe from timeshare and vacation club scams.

Rental Agency Scams

If you are planning to rent any vacation time you do not use, beware of rental scams. These scams disguise themselves as genuine rental agents who charge fees to find you potential renters. To avoid these kinds of scams, make sure to choose a rental agent that is recommended to you or one that charges commission rather than upfront fees.

Resale Scams

Resale scams are particularly tricky as these scammers will contact members by telephone, email and sometimes written mail attracting them with a false promise to be able to resell their membership. Scammers will sometimes entice even the most contented members with a trick, claiming there is a buyer eager to pay a great price for the membership. The trick is that you need to pay a fee to receive the details of the buyer and then you don’t hear from them again.

What you can do if you find yourself involved in a scam

The first step you should take if you think you have been involved in a scam is to report the incident to Members Services. You can then make a complaint to both the Federal Trade Commission, by calling the Business Fraud Division on 1-877-382-4357, and your state attorney general’s office. You can find the telephone number for your attorney general’s office in the yellow pages or on the internet. You should also ensure that you report the fraudsters to ARDA; you can do so by visiting Be sure to keep a copy of all written materials and any emails that you receive to build a case and report any further interaction with the fraudsters.