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Inspiring Wellness at Spa Imagine

Inspiring Wellness at Spa Imagine

November was a very special month at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa and Hotel Mousai. From November 18th to November 30th, Spa Imagine hosted several wellness events in collaboration with Mindfulhabits. The goal was to provide a luxury wellness experience for our guests designed to jump start a healthy lifestyle and nurture the mind, body and spirit. 

Inspiring Wellness at Spa Imagine

Wellness 2019 is one of the many signature experiences organized by TAFER Hotels & Resorts which take place annually at our resorts. Marisol Arreola, our Spa Manager at Spa Imagine, designed the program of activities for our Wellness 2019 event dedicated to physical, mental and spiritual health and inspiring positive lifestyle choices. This annual wellness event is committed to helping guests attain a renewed feeling of well-being. The program offered a variety of activities including hiking, yoga, meditation, Janzu therapy, focused breathing and aromatherapy.  

To enrich our guests’ experience at Wellness 2019, we invited a number of inspiring wellness experts, yoga teachers, fitness coaches and lifestyle bloggers to guide our guests towards happy and healthy habits. 

Each day of the wellness event started with kayaking and snorkeling at 8:00am and yoga at 9:00 am. Our instructors taught a variety of Yoga, SUP Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Fit-Yasa Yoga. Daily at 10:00 am, our guests went hiking in the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains. In the 11:00 am time slot, there was bootcamp training with the Delarosa coaches and Janzu therapy with our Imagine Spa staff. Other activities included aromatherapy, focused breathing, sound meditation and a special new moon ceremony.

Wellness 2019 Instructors 

  • Eric Delarosa – International published fitness model, fitness and nutrition expert offering online training and coaching.
  • Jamie Delarosa  fitness model, nutrition expert and bootcamp coach.
  • Iorch Quetzal – spiritual healer and reiki coach at Ixshala Vallarta
  • Salila Thuy – yoga instructor and wellness advocate
  • Bonnie Ringer – experienced practitioner of Yoga and Healing Art Therapy, and she created the Bonnie Shala YogaStudio in New York

Yoga class was a favorite activity led by special guest instructors Salila Thuy and Bonnie Ringer. Morning yoga classes were held on the beach framed by the dazzling tropical backdrop of Banderas Bay. Salila taught a special AromaYoga flow class using doTERRA peppermint essential oils. She integrates the therapeutic benefits of essential oils with the sacred yoga practice of breath and asanas. Bonnie Ringer taught SUP Yoga on weighted Stand Up Paddle Boards at the Panoramic Pool. She enjoys helping her students go further into the poses and achieve difficult postures even when initially they think they can’t due to fear. Bonnie’s motto is “Be afraid and do it anyway.

“I’ve come to witness through my 35 years of yoga practice and almost 30 years of teaching, that what we do on the mat has a direct correlation to our lives off the mat. When you need to have courage in your yogic journey for difficult postures like inversions, these challenging postures are exactly what brings courage and confidence in your everyday life.” 

~Yogini Bonnie Ringer~  

The BAÑO GONG sound meditation was led by Iorch Quetzal while he immersed us in beautiful sounds and vibrations. The intention of the sound meditation is to raise your vibrational level. Iorch started the meditation by playing the flute to open our heart chakras.   

We have seven chakras and all of them vibrate at their own frequency. Sound has always been a central element used to balance the chakras. Sound rhythms and vibrations work to tune each energy center using particular frequencies. The sounds raise our energy vibrations to achieve a higher consciousness. 

After the session, some guests told us that they experienced a profound sense of peace and that they felt like they floated away out of their body and others said that they experienced strong emotions. Iorch explained that sound meditation with the gong can be a rollercoaster and that different sessions create different experiences. Sometimes you can have a mystical experience with a feeling of calm but other times it can evoke the sensation of chaos, but to recognize that the feeling of chaos is really just an emotional cleansing that addresses any blockages we may have. 

At Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa and Hotel Mousai, we support the fitness journey of all our guests and we invite you to start or continue training with us at any time of the year. For our guests and members who had the opportunity to participate in the Wellness activities, we thank you for joining us. For our guests who didn’t have the opportunity to attend, we hope that you will consider joining us for a healthy vacation in paradise next year.