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How Members can Protect Themselves

It is important to stay on top of the latest coronavirus 2019 scam attempts. Scam artists are experts at what they do and, unfortunately, they are using the ongoing pandemic to target members. Garza Blanca Residence Club would like you to be aware of the scams they are using, so that you can avoid them and protect your investment. 

How do know if I have been contacted by a Scam Artist? 

It can be hard for you to know if you are talking to a scammer since they can act very professional. The best clue that you might be talking to a scammer is if the deal they are offering you to rent or sell your timeshare sounds almost too good to be true. Many scammers are trying to take advantage of people’s fears during this unprecedented time. They may call you up, saying that they work for our organization or a resort. Use discretion and never reveal too much information. If in doubt, hang up the phone and contact us at 1 877 722 4592. 

Please note

  • Our organization will never contact you to sell or rent out your timeshare. 
  • Our organization will never sell or share your personal information.  
  • Our organization will never contact you to demand “Mexican Taxes” or other suspicious and hard-to-verify fees. 
  • Garza Blanca Residence Club’s top priority is the safety and security of our member’s personal information, and we securely protect your information from outside companies. 

Scammer Tactics:   

Below is a list of some of the most common scammer tactics: 

  • The scammer may create a sense of urgency for you to make a decision. 
  • They will call and email you multiple times. 
  • They will offer you a “guaranteed” way to exit your membership. 
  • If you agree to rent or sell your timeshare, they will ask for an upfront fee.  
  • The scammer may claim to be calling from the resort or a “resort partner”.  
  • Scammers may ask you to confirm your personal account information early on in the conversation.  
  • “The $799 Scam:” Scammers have been asking members to pay $799 to rent out their timeshare.  

Below are some warning signs that a phone call you received may be from a scammer:   

  • You keep receiving unsolicited phone calls or emails from charity fundraisers. Please note that our trusted and verified charity Eagle’s Wings Foundation will never contact you via phone to request support or money.  
  • You are receiving unsolicited phone calls from someone offering to buy or resell your timeshare.  
  • You are receiving unrequested calls from people claiming to work for a public utility, government agency, or major tech firm (for example, Apple). These institutions and companies will rarely call you first unless you requested the call.  
  • If you receive an automated and unsolicited sales call from a company that you did not authorize to contact you, please be assured that this is most certainly a scam and is an illegal robocall. This is a tactic to obtain your personal information.  

What should I do if I have been contacted by a scam artist? 

  • Do not provide any information about your membership.  
  • Do not provide any bank details or credit card information  
  • Do not send them money, even if they pressure you to. 
  • File a report with a law enforcement agency. Law enforcement will not allow us to file a claim on your behalf, but we can help you organize your details.  
  • If you are certain you have received a call from a scam artist, ask the caller to remove you from the contact list immediately and hang up the phone. 

How do I make a complaint regarding a scam artist

  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission, Business Fraud Division by calling 1-877-382-4357. 
  • Report your experience to your state’s Attorney General’s Office.  
  • Contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”)  

If you have any further questions, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.