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How does Fractional Ownership Work at Garza Blanca?

Fractional ownership at Garza Blanca is the shared ownership of a luxury residence with partner owners who have access to their home during specified times during the year. The residences available for purchase within the Garza Blanca fractional ownership program are divided into fractions of 1/12 (4 weeks) per year, for life. When you buy a fraction of a residence at Garza Blanca, you will be part owner of a specific unit, which can be sold, bequeathed, rented or enjoyed by whomever you wish, just like any traditional real estate purchase.


What are the benefits of Fractional Ownership?

You get the same beautiful residence, the same amenities, the same privileges and the same fabulous lifestyle as if you owned a residence outright, but for a fraction of the cost. Fractional ownership is the perfect real estate investment for vacationers, snowbirds, travelers and other seasonal residents. The flexibility of the system allows you to purchase as much time in the home of your dreams as you desire.


Fractional rotation

There are three main seasons to choose from at Garza Blanca Real Estate: AAA-High Season (winter); AA-Summer Vacations (July and August) and A-Off Peak, in addition to some limited edition holiday week fractions.


The way the rotation system works for the fractions is simple:

AAA-High Season (winter)

The AAA-High Season (winter) fractions rotate each year through 5 different time periods with owners advancing each year during the best months of the year. For example, if in your first year you use your residence during weeks 1-4 (January), the following year you will have access during weeks 5-8 (February). You will advance each year until week 16 when the following year you will have access doing weeks 47-50 (Thanksgiving and early December), jumping the more humid months.

AA-Summer Vacations

The summer fractions alternate between weeks 25-28 and 29-32, which are ideal weeks for families with children at school who wish to make the most of the summer vacations. You will be able to plan ahead each year.

A-Off Peak

The Off Peak season rotates through 5 time periods which are roughly speaking May, June, September, October and early November.


To see specific dates and the rotation calendar for 2017 and 2018, please click here.



For more information about fractional real estate at Garza Blanca Real Estate, please call Maria Estela Nuñez toll free on 1 844 598 3564 or pop in to the real estate office for an informal introduction on you next visit.