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Hecho en México


Hecho en México means “made in Mexico.” Hecho en Mexico is a festival at Garza Blanca that will be celebrated during the last two weeks of March this year.


This annual celebration honors the enchanting and vibrant culture of Mexico with a variety of events that extol the exciting customs and traditions of this beautiful country. This March we will honor the northern and southern parts of the country by sharing food and handicrafts from those regions, such as wine, chocolate, mezcal, tequila, folk art, jewelry, pottery and painting, so that guests can take home a bit of Mexico.


Every year, Hecho en Mexico presents a distinguished artist, a renowned chef and an innovative Mexican fashion designer to share their vast experience in their respective fields. This year we decided to feature expert Mexican traditional chefs from the northern and southern regions, in order to give more authenticity to the food, and to provide guests with an unparalleled experience.


This is your opportunity to get to know the Mexican people, and learn what Mexico is really all about!


There will be entertainment on both days, but the main performance is on closing day with mariachi, marimba and banda music!

hecho-en-mexico Panorama

Stay tuned for more details as the event draws near.