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Healthy Vacations for Garza Blanca Members

As a Garza Blanca Residence Club member, staying healthy during your vacation is easier than ever. The resort’s management and staff know how important it can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle while visiting a foreign land, so your team have set up a myriad of activities, services and amenities to ensure you get the most out of your vacation.


Health-Focused Activities

You can enjoy plenty of activities to get your heart pumping and body moving with varying levels of difficulty, designed to both entertain and help you maintain a well-balanced fitness routine. As part of your Residence Club experience, you can enjoy beach volleyball, yoga, kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding and more, or simply visit your brand new gym with Technogym equipment and Troy dumbbells for a full workout. Tennis, squash and basketball fans should check out the newly completed outdoor play and fitness area or ask the concierge about organizing private classes with our pro tennis coach. You’ll also have the opportunity to head out on walking and hiking tours that will get your heart racing and your jaw dropping at the exceptional beauty that surrounds the resort. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has never been more exciting than at Garza Blanca.


Mindful Habits

Promoting happy, healthy lifestyles is a major focus at Garza Blanca, therefore your health and wellbeing remains at the forefront of every detail. As a Residence Club member, you’ll have access to fresh, filtered water throughout the resort, not to mention bottled water upon request. You’ll be able to find relaxing spaces, both in and out of your luxurious suite, so that you can meditate, be one with nature or simply unwind. You’ll also be able to rest assured knowing that there is a doctor on site in case a medical situation arrises. Mindful habits, such as drinking enough water, getting plenty of rest and using solar protection are great ways to make sure your vacation goes off without a hitch.


Gourmet Cuisine and Superb Libations

Part of living a healthy life is perfecting the art of moderation. At Garza Blanca, you’ll find a host of delicious dining options, as well as scores of both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, available for your choosing. You’re sure to be tempted by the gourmet cuisine and superb drinks found at all of Garza Blanca’s restaurants.  Ask your server about healthy dining options and remember that moderation is the key to maintaining your overall health.