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Get Rewards with our Owner Referral Program

When you refer Garza Blanca Residence Club to your friends, family, and extended circles not only will you get to surround yourself with kindred spirits in an idyllic tropical setting, you will also be rewarded with the exclusive perks that come with the Owner Referral Program. You will be rewarded for each eligible referral you introduce.   

For every referral that attends a Sales Presentation, you will receive Friends Count rewards (bonus credits with cash value) as a thank you for your loyalty and recommendations. If they decide to purchase their own membership, you will receive even more rewards! The benefits to you and your friends in this exclusive Friends Count owner referral rewards program offered by Garza Blanca Residence Club are so simple to enjoy. 

  1. Refer an eligible family member or friend 
  2. Receive bonus credits each time a friend attends a presentation 
  3. Redeem your bonus credits  

To recommend a friend call us at 1-877-261-0480, email, or visit us online at and let us know you would like to invite your friends to a presentation. 

The Referral department will ask you to give each of your referrals’ names, addresses and telephone numbers. In order to qualify to attend a sales presentation, your friends and family must meet a set of criteria including that they must be between 30 and 70 years old and have a minimum annual combined income of $50,000.00 USD ($75,000.00 Canadian Dollars). For married couples, both husband and wife must attend the presentation and are required to possess a major credit card. Although Garza Blanca Residence Club welcomes everyone, this program is primarily directed towards couples and single women. 

After the completion of a pre-registered qualified tour, the Rewards Credits will automatically be registered to your account. If your referral decides to purchase a Club Membership during the presentation, you will be awarded with additional Friends Count rewards credits. The credits work just like money when paying for services and can be used towards paying your maintenance fee!  

  • You will receive 50 credits ($50 value- non-redeemable for cash*) per Qualified Guest who attends the presentation.   
  • If they become members, you will receive 300 additional credits (a $300 value- non-redeemable for cash*).   
  • If your referral becomes and Elite member, you will receive 500 additional credits ($500 value- non-redeemable for cash*), instead of 300.   

Friends Count credits can be used towards the following:   

• Annual Maintenance Fees   

 • Resort Services (meal plans, spa services, and other resort amenities)    

• Lodging (through the purchase of “Club Time”)  

*Restrictions: The use of Friends Count Program is for registered members in good standing who are current with all member fees and loans. Friends Count credits are non-transferable. Credits will not be permitted to purchase room upgrades or extend stays. Friends Count credits are non-redeemable for cash.   

Registering your Friends and Family  

There are 3 ways to register your friends and family for the Owner Referral Program: 

  1.  Register a couple to enjoy a discount vacation and they will receive up to 68% off retail rates to stay at the Garza Blanca Residence Club resort of their choice.  
  2. Invite your referral guests to stay with you (on your time) with the “Bring a Friend Program”. To ensure your family or friends are eligible, call 30 days prior to check-in with your guests’ details.  
  3. Join the “Send a Friend Program” and invite your referrals to stay at a Garza Blanca Residence Club Resort on your time (without you). Call at least thirty days before your check-in date with the guest´s contact information in order to be eligible to earn rewards.   

This program is specifically designed for a maximum of two couples traveling together. Please note that you as the member are considered one couple if you are traveling with your referrals. 

The program does not limit the number of friends and family members you can recommend. The only requirement is that they are eligible for the program, so please feel free to refer us to as many people as you can and watch your rewards grow!  

We want the people who are important to you to delight in the phenomenal comforts you already love and appreciate at your own little slice of paradise and we also want to reward you for your loyalty and recommendations.  

For more information or to clarify any of these points, please call us today or send us an email.