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Get Ready for Whale Shark Season in Cancun

Summer in Cancun is just around the corner, and so are the whale shark schools that migrate to these warm, coastal waters every year in search of fresh feeding grounds in July. The warm, shallow waters of the Mexican Caribbean, such as those found in Cancun and Cozumel, are perfect for these gentle giants. From the end of June to September is the official Whale Shark season in Cancun, and, as is usually the case, there will be many, many companies offering tours and whale shark experiences.

Docile Yet Magnificent


Seeing these docile creatures in their natural habitat is a privilege that few people in the world experience, and as such we would highly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity when using your membership to stay at Villa del Palmar Cancun. It is very easy to do so, as you can reserve tours at the resort’s on site travel agency which include transport to and from the docks for whale shark tour. Once the boat has found the shoals of whale sharks, a guide will accompany two people at a time into the water with the sharks where you will swim alongside them with snorkel gear, trying to keep up with these massive creatures.





You might think that this is dangerous or be a little frightened at the prospect, but we can tell you there is no need to be! These giants of the ocean are incredibly gentle and serene. Though they weigh over 20 tons and can reach over 40 feet long, they only move at 3mph and they are not at all aggressive. In fact, as well as being the largest fish species in the sea they are also one of only three sharks species which are filter feeders. This means that they filter prey from the water through their gills, and whale sharks feed exclusively on small fish and plankton. Therefore, they pose no threat to, and are not interested in human beings.

Seeing and being close to these creatures in their natural environment is a chance that you really should seize in Cancun.