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Future Developments – International Architecture Competition Winners Announced

Garza Blanca Residence Club is pleased to share with members that the Master Plan International Architecture Competition 2017 winners have been selected!

The competition was set in motion in October 2016, which invited both professionals and students in the architecture and design fields to come up with the most unique design proposal to be implemented at the newly acquired plot of breathtaking land that neighbors the existing Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta.

400 Acres of Beachfront Land

Purchased in 2016 and ready for development, an unprecedented 400 acres of spectacular beachfront property situated alongside Garza Blanca Preserve’s current location will soon be used to further expand the amazing luxury services and distinctive experiences offered.  One of the most important aspects of the international competition was to submit a design that would develop the land in a way that integrated naturally within the existing landscape while increasing the services on offer for visitors in the future.

The following prizes, which were announced on February 8th, 2017, have been awarded to the winners of the Master Plan International Architecture Competition 2017:

1st Prize ($5000 USD) Adriane Jimenez Escarfullery

2nd Prize ($3000 USD)       Varabyeu Design

3rd Prize ($2000 USD) UPP!

4th Prize ($1000 USD)   Diana Kalimullina

With so many impressive entries to choose from amongst 54 entries, nine Honorable Mentions were also given to recognize the outstanding work of the following competitors:

Karina Ashrapova

Gustavo A. Barrirero

Anastasia Blinova

Luis Echeverria

Oscar Osuna Garcia

Michael Murdock

Chris Urner

Ilsi Yarrakhimova

Litvinov Architects

We were overwhelmed by the quality and creativity of the competitors,” exclaimed Architect Carlos Palomera, who directed the competition. “With such an incredible plot of tropical land, it is clear that the candidates were totally inspired by all the possibilities. There are so many wonderful ideas; now our team of architects needs to bring them all together into a final master plan.”

Competitors were encouraged to design a proposal with an eye on innovation and cutting-edge ideas that will take the concept of hospitality to a whole new level.  The intention of the competition was to create spaces within nature that allow human interaction with the outdoors in new and different ways.  Participants had free range to flex their creative muscles and design a proposal however they saw fit.  They could include residential designs, urban landscapes, groups of buildings, pavilions, theme parks and more that varied in of size, form and function.

The International Architecture Competition drew over 400 registered participants and received 54 completed proposals.  Garza Blanca’s in-house professional team of architects will be considering elements from all of the winning submissions that will help shape the soon to be announced final plans for the newly acquired land.