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Friends Count – Your Referral Program

If you have been dreaming of having your closest friends and family become your neighbors when you visit your vacation home at Garza Blanca Residence Club, take some action and start letting them know how fantastic membership is.  Not only is it possible that your dream could turn into a reality, you will also be eligible to benefit from their interest in securing their own membership.  


Recommend Friends and Family

Why not recommend your friends and family members who might be interested in joining a vacation program similar to yours with our Owner Referral Program.  They may be eligible for a stay at Garza Blanca at an amazing discount when they agree to attend a low-key sales presentation at the resort, during which time they will learn more about the wonderful benefits of vacation ownership in Puerto Vallarta.  


Friends Count Rewards

You will receive Friends Count Rewards (cash substitute) when you refer family and friends who are eligible for this exclusive program.  The Friends Count Rewards can be applied towards an array of services such as massages at Spa Imagine, a romantic dinner with champagne or towards your bill at checkout.  These rewards can also be used towards paying your maintenance dues.


What you need to do

Your job is simple: you just need to email your friends’ full contact information to and if they meet the requirements and visit Garza Blanca Residence Club to attend the presentation, you will be entitled to $25 USD cash credits.  If they decide to purchase with us, you will receive an extra $150 USD cash credits, which could potentially mean $175 to enjoy on your next stay.  

Get the word out amongst your nearest and dearest about the marvelous benefits of vacation ownership at Garza Blanca!