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Are you like other new Garza Blanca Residence Club members eager to start using your Preferred Points but unsure how they work? Take a look at the article below, intended to clear up any questions you may have.

1. What are Preferred Points?

In a nutshell, Preferred Points are “free” points which you have no obligation to use issued to Garza Blanca Residence Club members in addition to your purchased club points.

Regardless of your membership level and how many points you buy, your Preferred Points are equal to double your annual points allocation. For most full members, Preferred Points equate to two full weeks per year which you can use during the months of May through October (weeks 18 – 43) for accommodations at Garza Blanca Residence Club and Villa del Palmar Cancun (and any future developments).

As the Preferred Points program is a privilege provided for the pleasure of members during the summer months, if you don’t use the points, you will not be charged any maintenance fees for those points. If you decide to take advantage of your Preferred Points subject to availability, all you have to do is pay the pro-rated maintenance.

2. Benefits of Preferred Points

The key advantage to Preferred Points is that you are only responsible for the maintenance fees of the points that you use. If you don’t use them, you don’t pay the maintenance fees. You simply use Preferred Points when it is convenient for you during weeks18 and 43 and pay pro-rated maintenance fees for your stay.

An additional benefit is that you can add Preferred Points to your standard Garza Blanca Residence Club points to upgrade your unit or extend your stay for reservations during weeks 18 and 43, when your Preferred Points booking is made less than 60 days before your planned arrival date. Otherwise, Preferred Points reservations can be made up to 12 months in advance, subject to availability.

Another attractive advantage of Garza Blanca Preferred Points is that you can use them to trade weeks and make exchanges through RCI international exchange network. As the Preferred Points weeks are during the summer months, these weeks can be deposited as high season weeks and even banked with RCI (although Garza Blanca Residence Club do not bank or lend Preferred Points).

3. Points to Remember

  • You can only use Preferred Points during May through October (weeks 18 – 43)
  • Pay only for the pro-rated maintenance fees for the Preferred Points you use.
  • Friends, family and renters can use the Preferred Points subject to availability.