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Experience the Marigalante Pirate Ship in Puerto Vallarta

The fireworks that kick off a night in the streets of Puerto Vallarta not only delight locals privileged with a waterfront view, but are part of a spectacular fantasy adventure on the Banderas Bay. The Marigalante Pirate Ship in Puerto Vallarta invites children of all ages on an action-packed presentation that doubles as a guided tour of the waters off this scenic coastal locale.

Departing from the city’s Marina twice each day, this swashbuckling affair includes a range of activities including thrilling pirate performances and themed audience participation games. The day tour and night tour each present their own experiences, and although both options include full open bar access, one type of tour may have more to offer an individual visitor or day plan. The show is also presented in both English and Spanish to include the most possible visitors.

Day Tour

At 10am Monday to Saturday, this carefully reproduced 700-ton scale replica of Christopher Columbus famous Santa Maria that brought European migrants to the Americas sets sail for Majahuitas Island. During this 6-hour tour, guests will be treated to breakfast and lunch as well as activities on the island such as a treasure hunt, snorkeling, kayaking, and banana boat rides. 

day tour

Of course, the day’s main event is the pirate show, during which the ship’s captain and crew will lead passengers through the trials of pirate life. Sword fights, acrobatics, and comic relief are just part of the fun, and in case the seafaring exploits get a bit too intense for the youngest sailors, the day tour also includes childrens’ activities such as face painting.

day tour

Evening Tour

Embarking at 7pm six nights a week, the night tour is an even more appealing option for adults, large visitor parties, and date nights. The fun begins with a spirited address from the captain before launching into a series of competitive games that put the coordination of couples to the test. Afterward, a satisfying dinner is served along with a choice of accompanying beer or wine. 

night tour

The meal is carefully timed to take place before sunset so that guests emerge from the lower level galley to a fresh refill on their open bar order along with an outstanding view of the sun sinking into the Pacific in magnificent fashion. At nightfall, the exciting conclusion of the pirate show unfolds, punctuated magnificently by a front row seat to the fireworks display.

night tour

 Combining an exhilarating presentation with a delicious meal, engaging activities, and an open bar, the Marigalante Pirate Ship in Puerto Vallarta offers one of the more memorable excursions available in the area. For those who have long dreamed of a pirate’s life, this tour delivers ample appeal!

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