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Experience Managers at Hotel Mousai

Discover what makes the experience at Hotel Mousai 5 Diamonds. Meet the dedicated Experience Managers, Yanet Dorado and Miriam Vázquez, whose mission it is to create those wow factors we all love.
These two dynamic women with more than 10 and 18 years of expertise in hospitality respectively took some time out of their busy schedules to share the following interview with members.

Tell us a little about your background


yanetYanet: I love the hospitality industry and have been working within the field for almost 11 years, employed at Hotel Mousai since September 2015.

I studied a Business Management degree and have spent most of my career dedicated to working in luxury hotels and 5 Diamond establishments. I am really passionate about delivering high levels of service and experiences.


Miriam: I have been working within the field of food and beverages for more than 18 years. Although I have tried all departments, including rooms division, reception, concierge and housekeeping etc., but my passion has always been food and beverages, especially having that direct contact with our members and guests.

I love being part of creating experiences. I lived for many years in the United States, but there is nothing quite like the warmth and service of the Mexican people, and I really enjoy working in Mexico, where we can really perfect the art of serving from the heart, generating authentic and unique experiences where our members become friends and are part of the family.


What is the role of the Experience Managers?

Yanet: In general, the Experience Manager’s role is to make sure that the experience of each and every one of our members and guests is impeccable at Hotel Mousai, in all aspects. The idea is to provide extraordinary service that goes above and beyond what you would expect at a 5 Diamond hotel, and to make sure that the experiences are extra special, totally unforgettable, distinguishing us from any other hotel our members have stayed at.

Miriam: The role is divided into two main areas, Yanet is in charge of the Rooms Division area and I am focused on the food and beverage experiences.

Yanet: In my particular area in the Rooms Division department I am in charge of ensuring the high standards of each room, making sure that they are in impeccable condition and meet the standards expected of a 5 Diamond hotel. I see to all the details within the suites, taking care that when our guests or members enter, they are going to have that “wow” experience. Furthermore, we tailor the experience from the moment our visitors step foot on the motor lobby until they leave, attending to all the details such as how they are greeted, served and accompanied to their suite.

miriam-lobbyMiriam: My role as Experience Manager is more focussed on the experiences within the area of Food and Beverages, which means I am in charge of ensuring high levels of quality, cleanliness and service in our restaurants, bars and room service etc.  I make sure all of our staff members and area managers know what is expected of a 5 Diamond establishment as well as our internal standards that we have at Mousai, which aim to provide unique and totally memorable experiences.

How do you create those wow moments?

Yanet: We try to get as much information as we can about our members and guests to be able to customize their experiences. For example, we try to find out if they are here to celebrate a special event like a birthday, honeymoon, anniversary etc, and we work with the team to make sure that their suite reflects the occasion.

Miriam: For example, one of the most recent examples of a “wow” experience was when we prepared a special traditional Mexican meal for a couple in their suite. When they arrived, they expressed their desire to try real authentic Mexican food, in particular mole, a traditional dish in Mexico usually served with chicken. As a surprise for the wife, we coordinated with her husband to arrange a special meal in their suite.

When she entered the suite, we had set up a traditional meal on their private terrace which our new talented chef, Mario Castro had prepared especially. The room was decorated beautifully, the table was set outside next to the Jacuzzi and there was a waiter on hand to serve their meal. It was a really wonderful surprise meal.

What new experiences can members look forward to?

yanet-lobbyYanet: This year we have a lot of projects in the pipeline for our members to further enhance their experience of Mousai.

For example, Hiroshi will be launching a new menu, we have some changes coming for the room service menu too.


Miriam: In my department we have some exciting new additions such as the Signature Activities. These are unique experiences that we have tailored for our members and guests to provide totally unrivalled vacations which are available for those staying at both Hotel Mousai and Garza Blanca. They include the Exotic Experience, which is a special gourmet picnic on the jungle deck, the Nature Connection, which is an outdoor spa treat by the river and the Foodies Delight activity, which I have been more closely involved in.

Could you share with members a little more about the Foodies Delight Activity?

Miriam: This is a private culinary experience which members or guests can share directly with the chef, in most cases this will be Chef Carlos Leyva. The idea is to provide a unique experience that connects our visitors not only with local flavors but also with the culture and experience of Mexico, in particular the ambience of the Mexican market. What happens in this activity is that they meet the chef early in the morning in the lobby to go to visit the market and choose fresh produce which they will later prepare for a meal. At the same time they will stop in shops near the market where they can buy all kinds of authentic Mexican wares, from pottery to souvenirs.

miriamThe great thing is that the chef will talk to them all about the different spices and ingredients used in Mexican cooking, the kinds of things that Mexican mothers and grandmothers have used in their cooking for centuries. Once they return to the hotel, they will have some time to freshen up before starting to prepare what has been purchased under the guidance of the chef. This really is a very special experience for both food and culture lovers.


Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Yanet: We are really looking forward to sharing the Mousai experience with more of our members, and hope to receive them soon.

Miriam: Yes, we can’t wait to welcome them so they can see just how their membership is evolving.