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Exchanges with RCI and Your Garza Blanca Membership

RCI is not only a leading division of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation but one of the largest timeshare exchange networks in the world. RCI facilitates the trading of timeshare weeks and club points on a global scale.

Garza Blanca Residence Club shows its dedication to its members by giving a complimentary years subscription to RCI’s services when membership is first purchased. If you wish to continue enjoying the benefits of an RCI subscription after the initial year is up then you need only pay a minimal yearly fee.

For members who wish to use their Garza Blanca club points in order to stay in other exclusive resorts around the world, the service offered by RCI is incredibly attractive. RCI is affiliated with around 4000 amazing resorts in nearly 100 countries across the world and offers members other perks such as discounted car hires, theme park tickets and cruises. These are available due to RCIs affiliated leisure companies.

With RCI and Garza Blanca Residence Club it’s so easy to enjoy various perks like exchanging your vacation periods for other times of the year or resorts and locations. You can even get additional quality vacations at low prices; and with RCI’s online services and accounts, you can plan and organize your vacations with minimal stress.

Perhaps the most reassuring fact for Garza Blanca Residence Club members is that only the best resorts and hotels are included in their network. When you are accustomed to luxury, then you have RCI’s guarantee that the hotels and resorts on offer will meet your expectations. After all, if you are used to Garza Blanca’s standards, it is hard to expect or accept anything less!