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Esperanza Martinez – New Rooms Division Manager

For this month’s issue of the Garza Blanca Residence Club newsletter, we took time to talk to the new Rooms Division Manager at Garza Blanca Resort, Esperanza Martinez. Esperanza is not a new face, having joined the team in 2014 for the launch of Hotel Mousai in 2015 when she made sure the Housekeeping Department was in tip-top shape to receive the coveted 5 Diamond Award. Now she has been promoted to Rooms Division Manager at Garza Blanca, where she is in charge of an even larger team. Here is what she had to share with us.


Please share with members a little about your background.

I was born in Puerto Vallarta, although my parents are from Mexico City. I am the youngest of eight siblings and was the only one to be born here. I am married with three children aged 16, 11 and 5 years old. I completed my early schooling here in Puerto Vallarta and went to Guadalajara to complete high school for three years. Then I came back to Puerto Vallarta to go to University where I studied law. However, it would seem that destiny had other ideas for me. I started working in hospitality and have been here every since. I’ve been working in hotels for more than 14 years now.


How did you arrive at your current position as Rooms Division Manager?

I began in the laundry department of a prestigious hotel in Punta Mita, which is where my passion for the hospital industry began, in particular the housekeeping department. From there, I began to gain experience in all areas of the department. I was really lucky to have started my career in a luxury hotel as it prepared me for the high standards that we offer here at Garza Blanca. After working for some of the best hotels in Banderas Bay, I was chosen to lead the housekeeping team for the opening of Hotel Mousai and now I find myself in charge of the Rooms Division as Garza Blanca.

What does your job involve?

When you are in charge of a department, you really have to take care of a lot of factors, including the personnel, the quality of the tasks carried out, and efficiency. At Garza Blanca, we are always striving for the highest quality and it is my job to ensure that my team have the support they need to carry out their roles to the highest degree. For example, I am in charge of the team of room stylists and those responsible for making sure the passageways are clean and presentable as well as the laundry department. I manage 105 members of staff in total.


Have you been involved in creating wow moments for members and guests?

We work together with other departments to make those wow moments possible. For example, the reservations department will let us know if our members are arriving to celebrate a special event so that we can prepare the room to reflect the special anniversary or celebration.

Could you share a little about the Perfect Room program?

The Perfect Room is our signature program to help us ensure the high quality of all our rooms. The idea is that every time a member or guest arrives to a suite it is like new. We work together with the maintenance department to ensure that everything in the room is working correctly, replacing any broken furniture or appliances etc.

We inspect the rooms and assess when they need more extensive renovations, which might be that the room needs to be repainted or the floors replaced or polished and so on. The idea is to prevent problems. My department also takes care of the aesthetic aspects, checking all the details like the coffee maker, the decoration and other details.

How can members help to make sure the rooms are perfect?

Members can help by reporting any details that need changing, repairing, or replacing in the suites. It is a great help if they let us know. It could be anything like a dripping faucet, a light bulb etc or a broken cup. We greatly appreciate their feedback. There are notepads in each room for members and guests to write on to leave us a note about any details. Likewise, they can call Premium Service: 0 to report any problems and we will attend to it as soon as possible. For most simple issues the problem is resolved in about 15 minutes.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I dedicate most of the time I have when I am not working to my children; we go to the beach or to swim in one of the local rivers. My children are young and like to be active. I also like to read, mostly books related to leadership or personal development.