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Elite Zone at the Beach

At Garza Blanca we always strive to give our members the best deal, and that is why now at Hotel Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta we have a special area for you.


Elite Zone at the Beach is located in front of the Aqua Azul restaurant to the southwest of Garza Blanca Beach. It is an area designated for our Elite members. It has daybeds and Elite towels that will allow Elite members to enjoy an atmosphere of relaxation, rest and exclusivity during your stay.

The three Elite categories of Hotel Mousai and Garza Blanca share the benefit of being in an exclusive area on the resort beach where your guard butler and the rest of the staff will be available to pamper you and take care of you while you enjoy your holidays.


Elite Zone at the Beach has been available to Elite Members for about 3 months, and the space has served double functionality during that time. In the day it is Elite Zone for beachgoers, and at night it is part of the Italian restaurant, where you can enjoy your dinner at the edge of the beach.


We hope you  come check out the Elite Zone at the beach the next time you are in Puerto Vallarta!