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Eagle’s Wings Heroes

Eagle’s Wings Foundation (EWF) is a non-profit organization based in California that the Villa Group Resorts’ founders started together with the late Jim McCarthy, a long-time Universal Vacation Club (UVCI) member, in 1999. 

Jim McCarthy was the driving force of the foundation since he was so moved by the friendliness of the local people who welcomed him during his visits to Puerto Vallarta that he wanted to do something to make a difference in the local communities. The organization was set up to show appreciation for the unforgettable destinations and the local people who go out of their way to make the members vacations extra special.  

In 2001, Eagle’s Wings foundation was awarded first prize for the ARDA Philanthropic award.   

The mission of the Eagle’s Wings Foundation’s is to help the underprivileged and to “give back” to the communities surrounding the Villa Group Resorts and TAFER Hotels & Resorts by providing in-kind donations, financial aid, and volunteers. 

On Thursday, July 9th, an event was held to deliver the Eagle’s Wings Foundation contributions, led by Mrs. Julieta Reynoso, the director of the foundation. 

On behalf of TAFER Hotels & Resorts we had the honor of having Mr. Fernando González Jr., Executive Vice President of TAFER, who is responsible for all this being possible, Mr. Robert Kistner, Project Director of the Vacation Club division, responsible for collecting the contributions of the vacationing partners to achieve the support each year, and Mr. Juan Carlos González, General Manager of Villa del Palmar Cancún. 

At the event, we had the participation of the representatives of each association; 

  • Livier Barba (Mamita and Lety) 
  • Concepción Viveros (APAFHDEM) 
  • Paty Vásquez (VIFAC) 
  • Felipe Biermann (Red Cross) 
  • Martha Galván (ADANEC) 
  • Yusi Dzib Echeverría (Aitana Foundation) 
  • Sonia Cejas (School of Sonia) 
  • DIF Isla Mujeres Municipality 

To start the event, a count was made of the donations that the associations received last year, amounting to a total of $ 43,205.00 USD, which is approximately $ 801,392.80 MXN. The donations were distributed as follows: 


Association of Parents with Mentally Handicapped Children of Benito Juárez A.C. 

Awarded: $ 54,290.00 MXN ($ 2,027.00 USD) 

The acquisition of computer equipment, air conditioners, as well as the repair of electrical installations was achieved. 


This organization supports pregnant women in crisis. 

Awarded: $ 96,940.00 MXN ($ 5,226.00 USD) 

Supported with ¾ parts of the cost to equip the computer room with 10 computers, 10 desks and 10 chairs to train future mothers. 


 Dedicated to raising money to help children with cancer and their families. 

Awarded: $ 150,000.00 MXN ($ 8,087.00 USD) 

The remodeling and equipment of a baby room was purchased, as well as the acquisition of kitchen equipment and a variety of toys. 

4. DIF Isla Mujeres Municipality 

Committed to protecting and supporting the disadvantaged, elderly and vulnerable groups in the community. 

Awarded: $ 180,600.00 MXN ($ 9,736.00 USD) 

The reconditioning of the CRIM (Municipal Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center) therapeutic tank, currently used by around 80 people in the Isla Mujeres municipality, was achieved. 


Mamita and Lety A.C. provides social assistance housing for girls from 4 to 15 years old who are in a vulnerable situation. 

Awarded: $ 19,729.80 MXN ($ 1,064.00 USD) 

4 fans were purchased and the installation of blacksmith doors for protection. 


Isla Mujeres Red Cross responds to emergency and disaster situations providing care to those affected. 

Awarded: $ 217,133.00 MXN ($ 11,706.00 USD) 

Dummies for training, an ambulance stretcher, ultrasound and defibrillator, among other items, were bought. 


The Sonia School supports children in the community who are in an adverse social and economic situation, providing them with food and comprehensive education with the hope of bettering their lives. 

Awarded: $ 82,700.00 MXN ($ 4,459.00 USD) 

Improvements and renovations were made to school facilities (doors, windows, security cameras). 

This year, it was possible to raise the amount of $ 24,606.00 USD, which is approximately  

$ 537,373.20 MXN. 

The funds were distributed as follows: 

  • APAFHDEM $ 80,000 MXN 
  • SCHOOL OF SONIA $ 45,000 MXN 
  • VIFAC $ 75,000 MXN 
  • DIF ISLA MUJERES $ 88,400 MXN 
  • MAMITA AND LETY $ 41,600 MXN 
  • ADANEC $ 113,300 MXN 

It goes without saying that the pandemic has affected the amount raised in a significant way, but despite this, Villa del Palmar Cancun and TAFER Hotels & Resorts, through the Eagle’s Wings Foundation, are making the effort to continue their support. Although the amount of the donations was less than in previous years, we are sure that better times will come and that the donations made will still achieve the goal of transforming lives and environments.  

We deeply appreciate the efforts of our members who have made donations to Eagle’s Wings Foundation and who have helped to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children and adults who live only a short distance away from the beautiful areas that you enjoy when you use your membership in Mexico. If you haven’t yet made a donation, please consider how much of a difference your $10 or any amount you wish to give can make to those who are desperately in need. 

“Sometimes we feel that what we do is just a drop in the sea, but the sea would be less if it lacked a drop” 

 -Mother Teresa of Calcutta